Should You Take Digestive Enzymes for Gluten?


Should You Take Digestive Enzymes for Gluten?


I am frequently asked about gluten enzyme supplements and I just wanted to give you my opinion on them.

These so-called enzymes do NOT give you the green light to eat gluten if you have celiac disease. They are not a cure for celiac! There is a false belief out there that it is acceptable to take these pills with a piece of cake and you will be fine. It’s not that simple. There is NO PROOF or medical research showing that these enzymes work. Why? Because they are not FDA approved and the companies can make whatever claims they want about their products except saying it cures and treats disease.

Now, some of you will say “Hey! I use them and they work.”

Do they really? How do you know what they are doing to your intestines and body chemistry? How do you know they aren’t causing internal problems?

I seriously doubt an over the counter supplement that’s $18 from WalMart is the latest and greatest treatment or medication for celiac disease.

There sure seems to be a lot of people saying they “aren’t getting better” or “still feeling sick.” A part of me can’t help but think some of that is due to the false sense of security from taking these medications.

While these “gluten enzymes” may break down some particles of gluten, there is no way for sure to know if they are gone and not causing damage to your body. Why take that risk? Save your money and buy some supplements your body can use effectively and will help you with healing and digestion!!

The ONLY way to manage celiac disease is with a strict, dedicated gluten-free diet. It makes me a little sad when I hear people say they wish they could just take a pill because your body is clearly telling you it doesn’t want gluten and clearly rejects it. We are the only people who can manage their chronic disease with food and in a natural way which should be a blessing to all of us!

Now, there is a company that filed for patents for enzyme use in medication to treat celiac disease. Alvine Pharma is working towards finding medication for all of us suffering from this disease. They are in phase II of clinical trials but nothing has been approved yet.

ImmusanT is a potential vaccine for celiac disease which is showing promise. They are still in the early stages but it is promising to know that there are things in the works for us!

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  1. Lisa Schneider says:

    My daughter used Glutenease a few weeks ago because she accidentally ingested gluten when we went out to eat. It was on a Saturday night and I had nothing to give her and, of course, the health food store was closed. She vomited 8 times over the next few hours. She didn’t sleep well and woke up with stomach pain. She was very foggy brained afterwards and stayed that way for the next week. I told her to use the Glutenease, after a week, to see if it would help clear up the fogginess. It did….also helped with the crankiness that comes along with that. :)

    I have told her that you do not use the Glutenease in order to eat gluten just in case you accidentally ingest it. It does help and it does work. You can purchase it at a health food store.

  2. Merry Johnson says:

    I use RAW gluten free support from hallelujah acres site. I take this everyday to help with digestive problem overall because with celiac your body does not break down proteins. These enzymes break down the proteins. I am celiac and also lactose intolerant which I know alot of celiac people are.
    Probiotics are in it as well as a lactase enzyme.
    A RD nurse turned holistic recommend these to me and they work.

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