Natural Products Expo East 2013 Giveaway!!!

Expo East Giveaway

Expo East Giveaway

Natural Products Expo East 2013 Giveaway!!!

This blog post is embarrassing for me!

I went to Natural Products Expo East in September and have been meaning to get around to do this giveaway for you for weeks now. It seems like a day turned into a week, which turned into a month went way too quickly and time has certainly gotten away from me.

We are finally feeling like home in our new apartment. The walls are painted and we actually have a couch! Living on outdoor furniture for 3 weeks was taking a toll on us…

I’ll admit, I haven’t been very motivated to blog. I haven’t been motivated to do much of anything since we moved away from Columbus. I miss my friends, my clients and my business. I miss the familiarity of knowing how to get places and where everything is in the city. But, while a large part of me misses my old life, an even bigger piece of me loves my new life.

I’m getting out, meeting people, joining organizations and applying for part-time jobs. I started playing tennis, I joined a yoga studio and I’m working on lots of new projects with Andrew Cordova over at GF Magazine! Things are great and I’m starting to crawl out of my cave.

I feel I owe it to all of you, my loyal readers, to give you a fantastic giveaway filled with goodies and that is exactly what I am going to do…

So, how do you enter this amazing giveaway? Simple! Follow the instructions below in the Rafflecopter prize program and then see if you win on Sunday!

What’s in the prize pack? Tons of samples, information, goodies and PLC gear!!!!


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  1. Hope I win!

  2. Amanda Yoder says:

    We’re all still here reading and listening! We love your articles. I haven’t met you in person, but I live in Virginia Beach–if you head down this way, be sure to let me know! We have a few good GF places!

  3. Amanda Kiernan says:

    I Would Love To Win

  4. Love all of your info and encouragement! Would absolutely LOVE to win! :)

  5. Jennifer R Landaverde says:

    Thank you!

  6. I feel you. I moved across the country, from MA to CO, 5 months ago … and it is EXHAUSTING to adjust to a new routine, new everything … finding new grocery stores, figuring out how to get there, making new friends, learning a new job… so I totally understand! Glad you’re starting to adjust :)
    Amanda recently posted…REVIEW: Enjoy Life Chewy BarsMy Profile

  7. My motto is always, better late than never! Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  8. I did, indeed, miss you! You are read and appreciated!! :)
    Tiffany (As For My House) recently posted…Bye-Bye KraftMy Profile

  9. Janie Peace says:

    Love your blog & trying hard to eat better!

  10. Being a 21 year old “new” celiac ( I was just diagnosed last winter ) Pretty Little Celiac gives me great inspirational ideas and tips everyday I visit :)
    It’s great to virtually know a group of people who are going through the same thing.
    Almost like a support group.

    Thank you so much.

  11. change is tough, especially when you get older and more comfortable. Make the best of it….you are off to a great start and doing all the right things….immerse yourself and before you know it you will feel at home there!

  12. Love your blog and all you do for celiac awareness/gluten free awareness

  13. I love trying new gluten free products! There are so many new things out there I have never even heard of! Your blog really keeps me informed!

  14. they say time heals everything. keep yourself busy and things will get better.
    great giveaway!

  15. Kathy Johnson says:

    Thanks so much for the fun contest! Looking forward to your upcoming blog posts once life slows down a little for you.

  16. Would Love To Win!

  17. always love trying new safe products for my kids!

  18. I love your blog and all of the info. I’d love to win this giveaway. You have some awesome stuff!
    Aliza Chana recently posted…Book Review: “The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life”My Profile

  19. I would love to try these products. PLEASE pick me! :-)

  20. Thank you so much for your blog! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 2 years ago and have been dealing with the borderline “backlash” of my extended family. They truly think I am making my disease up because I’m trying to cover up an eating disorder (a huge stretch, I know, they are very dramatic haha) I have used your blog, and the links and articles you post, as references to them to show it’s not just a fad from Hollywood or a figment of my imagination. You have helped me so much and have really helped me stand up to them, instead of just absorbing their rude comments and biting my tongue.
    I can’t thank you enough for the lessons you have taught and the wonderful advice from makeup products to recipes to food products. You have become such a part of my daily life, and I felt like you were a helpful family member, when I felt like I was trucking along by myself. Thank you again for all you do!

  21. Jeanette Stewart says:

    Thank you for everything you do for us!

  22. Awesome giveaway!! I love your blog and the PLC blog talk radio!!. Keep on rockin’ :)
    Allie M. recently posted…My Gluten Free Friend (GFF)My Profile

  23. Of course you had me at NATURAL Products Expo. I’d love to win since I haven’t been to their Expo yet. How awesome was it?
    Kim recently posted…Food Allergy Bloggers Conference 2013 #FABlogConMy Profile

  24. Linda Townsend says:

    I love your posts. TU for all the information you share with us! AND, LOL, anytime you do a giveaway is a great time! It’s only late to you… not to us! TU!

  25. Shawna Kollath says:

    Looks like you had a great time! Would love to win this!!!

  26. I’m glad you’re posting, even if it isn’t right after the Expo. Everyone’s so busy these days! No shame in that.
    Molly (Sprue Story) recently posted…Have yourself a non-awkward little gluten-free Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and ChristmasMy Profile

  27. I have missed you posts and celiac education! I’m still new to this, so it was really helpful!

  28. I love your blog! My daughter and I were diagnosed with Celiac in September, 2013. We are new to gluten free. Hope I win. :)

  29. You have such an informative blog!

  30. We’ve missed the info from you. I enjoy what i garner from you. Gluten free has made me healthier.

  31. Thanks so much for your blog! And thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  32. Ooooo….this is awesome!! :)

  33. Thank you for all you do in keeping us informed.

  34. Theresa Brown says:

    I hope I win!

  35. Nicole Schnur says:

    I would be so excited to win! I love reading you info. I wish I knew how to make a blog and did what you do. I have so many belly issues it is unreal. I really wish I could get it all figured out! You rock! Thanks!

  36. I just moved to Seattle and still looking for work..this package would so help tide me over

  37. How fun to go to all of those expos! Looks like you got some great goodies! I would love to win some new things to try…I have been staying gluten-free for over a year now & it feels normal now, for the most part. (I still do & always will miss The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake but we all have our kryptonite). I am excited to see so many gluten free brands out there, as well as gluten free recipes as options for things I can’t have, (like cheesecake) ;)

  38. Sandra Soares says:

    OMG! I have been worrying about you. I was hoping you were okay, since we have not heard from you much. I am so happy to see things are getting better for you and we should be hearing more from you in the future. Yay! I love hearing about all the gluten free updates on products we use and eat.

  39. Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  40. I do not have Celiacs but am interested in a gluten free diet and its effects on my endometriosis. Thanks so much for sharing all your information, etc… this blog has been super helpful to me!!

  41. Christine Hazard says:

    Thank you so much! Incredible give away.

  42. You are awesome! I just love the wealth of information you have to share. Keep up the excellent work.

  43. A. Rodriguez says:

    Love your blog! I used to feel alone when I was diagnosed a few years ago and everyday I read more and more blogs from fellow Celiacs, but yours is my absolute favorite. Seeing this giveaway made my heart melt :)

  44. I missed you. Glad you’re back. I sure hope I win.

  45. I missed you. Welcome back. I sure hope I win.

  46. Central Ohio misses you too! So glad to hear you are getting in a new groove there in DC. Change is seldom easy but often rewarding. Hang in there!

  47. Virginia Ankarlo says:

    I would love to win this too for my mom she got diagnosed several years ago :)

  48. Glad you’re getting settled in after your move! I’m looking forward to the project you are working on with Andrew Cordova. Miss you over on PLC on FB!!! I’m having a horrid allergy day right now – would LOVE to win this! Just go tmy own official celiac diagnosis in Sept – thank heaven!
    Jennifer Stohr recently posted…Experiencing AnaphylaxisMy Profile

  49. I really want to win!!! I am newly diagnosed and this will help me!

  50. Hi Rebecca! You were the first online support group and personal resource I found after being diagnosed. I will always be grateful for the knowledge I gained and support given from your group and everyone in the group! You’ve created a great place for people to get answers to their questions.

  51. Thank you so much for the information you share with all of us. I live about as far as you can go on the other coast (I’m listening to the waves on the headlands here in Fort Bragg CA :-) ) and unfortunately don’t have a wide shopping selection of gluten free foods or information available. The information I get from you has enriched my life a lot! I have been able to add many things to my menu from your comments and those of other posters. Again, thank you and please keep up the great job. By the way, new places can be awesome, go exploring!

  52. Oh this would be so fun to get! I would love to win it!

  53. Finding my way with Celiac Disease and it certainly helps to have people like you to lead the way.

  54. Iris Levitski says:

    I would love to win, I’m always ready to try some new GF stuff.

  55. Thanks for the fabulous info and updates. We’re neighbors, as I also live on Northern Virginia!

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