Gluten-Free at California Pizza Kitchen – Review

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen

Gluten-Free at California Pizza Kitchen

I know a while back there was some hoopla around California Pizza Kitchen’s gluten-free menu and some serious concerns of cross-contamination. So, when I recently visited one of their locations, I wondered if the gluten-free at California Pizza Kitchen changed.

I met my friend Jen at the Polaris Mall location in Columbus, Ohio for some drinks. While there, we decided to grab something to eat. Our server from the bar brought out the gluten-free pizza menu along with explained the process of the gluten-free items on the regular menu. There were little GF circles near foods that were gluten-free.

The signature BBQ Chicken Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen - Gluten-Free

The signature BBQ Chicken Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen – Gluten-Free

We decided to try the gluten-free chicken BBQ pizza. Our server assured us of the proper cooking method and was very cautious with our order. She even confirmed it was gluten-free upon dropping it off and made the necessary precautions to keep me safe. We were seated at the bar and could tell that our pizza was not cooked with the others. I noticed on their little menu that they went through the Gluten Intolerance Group certification program. However, just because a place goes through this doesn’t mean every server will be knowledgeable (or care) of gluten-free food preparations.

The food was delicious and I didn’t get sick. Even Jen loved the pizza! Success. I will definitely be back to some other locations to test them out. Excited to know there are some more options available for us.

P.S. Since I originally wrote this post, I’ve been to a second location in a different state. They were equally as concerned about me having a safe meal. Hopefully, this is the consistent trend throughout their stores and the education is across the board!

Have you had a recent experience there? Let us know!



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  1. Hi! Thanks for all these great reviews. I love to hear of more options for eating out. My husband has Celiac, and so our whole family is GF. When he was first diagnosed, I was so hyper-paranoid about him eating out anywhere for fear of cross contamination. However, we have slowly acquired some great go-to places. Our local Five guys is definitely one of them. If you tell them you have a wheat allergy (we say that rather than Celiac because it’s just easier), they take extra precautions and change gloves, etc. My understanding is that there are only two items at Five Guys with gluten: (1) buns; and (2) malt vinegar.

    One tip the hospital’s nutritionist told my husband was that Asian restaurants are generally the best way to go for GF. I was skeptical initially because my first thought was soy sauce has gluten. However, we do have a fantastic Thai restaurant where we live that has a GF menu, and my husband has had great luck with it.

    Thanks again!

  2. I wish my experience was as good as yours. My waitress was attentive and caring, but the food just wasn’t good. I belive I had a meat pizza and it was soggy and not very tasteful. I actually have had better frozen pizza’s from a supermarket. I don’t know if it was the pizza or just the location. I would try it again, but I am scared it will be just as bad.

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