10 Gluten-Free Airplane Snacks

Pretty Little Celiac’s Top 10 Gluten-Free Airplane Snacks

10 Simples Gluten-Free Airplane Snacks

10 Simple Gluten-Free Airplane Snacks

10 Gluten-Free Airplane Snacks

We love to travel and one of the biggest challenges is finding gluten-free options in airports and especially on planes. I learned so many things as a fitness competitor, especially traveling for shows with a restrictive diet but the biggest thing is the ability to take food through TSA security! Yes! You can bring your own food with you to the airport and on the plane. I used to bring a 6-pack bag cooler (it’s a brand competitors use frequently) filled with baked fish, chicken and steak along with meatballs, sweet potatoes and veggies to fill my belly. If you think people complain about you eating gluten-free, try cracking open some tuna on a plane without your neighbors giving you the stink eye!

I like to think I’ve mastered the ability to bring things with me but even now and again I forget so if you have gluten-free snack items you love to travel with please feel free to post them below! The more information we can share for each other, the better and as you know that’s why I started Pretty Little Celiac!

Here are my top 10 gluten-free airport and plan travel snacks!

  • Fruit and/or dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • Gluten-Free bars like Vans, Lara bars, Kind bars etc.
  • Go Picnic kits
  • String Cheese or Baybel’s
  • Applesauce
  • Sample packets of protein powder – purchased or separated yourself – mix at the airport
  • Tuna packets, canned chicken, canned salmon
  • Roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds – any seed! Make your own trail mix!

What am I missing? Tell us what you take through security and on planes or trains when you travel!!


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  1. Be careful of Go Picnic products. Some of the items are made on shared equipment.
    Most of the items are not made in a gluten free dedicated facility.
    So it depends on how sensitive you are. Be sure and look at each individual item in the box.
    I talked to them a while back about their labeling and honestly they were not very friendly.

  2. I usually make myself a gluten-free almond butter and blackberry sandwich, bring peeled, hard boiled eggs, homemade gluten-free healthy “scones”, fruit, veggie sticks, nut butter packets, nuts, bars, crackers & canned sardines (to eat at the airport, not on the plane – don’t want to stink the place up!) If I need to eat breakfast there, I bring instant GF oatmeal, a paper bowl, nuts & fruit and just get hot water & coffee or tea at the airport. Or, you can buy a yogurt at the airport. They usually won’t let that through security.

  3. The last time I flew, about 5 years ago, my gluten free food was taken away from me by the TSA. I actually cried, as it meant
    I would not get a meal for 5-6 hours at least, I had a doctor’s note and everything; nothing more than 4 oz packages.
    They simply would not listen nor relent. I hope things have gotten better! Couldn’t eat the nuts either or anything
    else they had on board! I did end up buying a yogurt and a salad when I landed, but it was far from ideal.

  4. Rebecca,

    I like Kind bars too. There are so many great tasting bars out there (and some really nasty ones).
    I’m building a site all about gluten free protein bars and I would like to invite you over to leave your honest rating on the bars that you’ve tried so far.



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