PLC Review Gluten & Lactose Free Ice Cream & Sorbets

Rice Dream Organic
Rice Dream Organic

I don’t know about you, but I’m really getting tired of frozen fruit bars and just want an ice cream cone. It’s getting increasingly difficult as the weather is gorgeous and especially while we went on vacation in Hilton Head. Ice cream parlors all over the island!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been really interested to try a few new products to have as my after dinner snack. I’m not an incredibly sweet toothed person but I do enjoy the occasional small desert.

Since being struggling with milk products, I found rice milk to be quite yummy and taste great compared to others. I can’t stand almond milk – it’s so thick. I don’t know how you guys drink that stuff!

Needless to say, I immediately got excited when I saw this in the Rice Dream ice cream isle at Earth Fare. We had it on one sunny afternoon and I was not impressed. The consistency is weird similar to frozen syrup and there is an odd after taste that lingers around. Even my husband didn’t like it and he loves sweets. I think I’ll stick with the rice milk.

We should’ve known better when right on the container it says, “new and improved taste.”

The three Amigos
The three Amigos

Ok, our last grocery trip resulted in these three guys… Let me tell you a little bit about them!

Lifeway Frozen Kefir
Lifeway Frozen Kefir

Gross. Tasted like vitamins. Stick with their probiotic smoothies….

Has anyone had any of Lifeway‘s other ice creams? I really like their smoothies to take my vitamins each day. I find they go down much easier.

Arctic Zero
Arctic Zero

Many of my fitness competitor friends live off of Arctic Zero. Maybe because the whole container is only 150 calories. I remember when I competed and often dreamed of eating ice cream, but this doesn’t come close. The first ingredient is water and that’s exactly what it tasted like – frozen strawberry water. This is for desperate people on a diet.

Oh, and what the heck is “lactose intolerant friendly?”

Ciao Bella Sorbet
Ciao Bella Sorbet

Ciao Bella was the best out of the bunch. I still struggled with a funky after taste. My husband asked why I kept eating it and I said “because if I keep going, I can’t taste the weird part.” It is a VERY strong Mango flavor. The limitation with this company is that I only found 2 flavors at Earth Fare. I think it is promising though and would like to see a raspberry or strawberry version. That would be tasty.

Dark Chocolate Dream
Dark Chocolate Dream

I saved the best for last.

This stuff was delicious. A few little squares of this and I am good for the night. Gluten free, lactose free and dark chocolate. The texture was nice and it wasn’t too bitter of a dark chocolate for me. The rice crunch added a nice compliment to the chocolate! Highly Recommended.

Have you tried any of these brands in other flavors and liked them? Please leave a comment below.
Do you have a favorite brand or product for ice cream/sorbet?



ciao bella vanilla was good after you get used to the odd taste, my husband didn’t like it but going lactose free I was happy with it! thanks for the blog, I am recently lactose free because of my baby being lactose intolerant and trying to cut back on gluten-filled foods so I am very much looking forward to following and sharing on here!


  • PrettyLittleCeliac

    Hi Stephanie-

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can continue to build this community!

    I guess I just can’t get used to treats that you basically have to warm up to! What’s your favorite lactose free product so far?

What is Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism anyway?

Hashimoto’s autoimmune Thyroiditis – such a long name for such a little part of your body controlling so much!

According to Dr. Aukerman, Hashimoto’s disease is a chronic thyroiditis that causes more than 80% of all hypothyroidism in the United States. It results when the thyroid gland has lower or slower functioning than normal throwing your entire body off balance.

One of the ways you can get Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism is from the autoimmune response due to gluten in your small intestines. The onset of the disease is very low and more frequent in middle age women and families with a history of thyroid disease.

Summer 2011, I could tell something was wrong with my body. I felt exhausted, irritable, was gaining weight, extremely dry skin, hair and nails and the amazing thing was how much hair I was losing. Even my husband noticed how much was in the drain after I took a shower and my hair stylist would ask if I was under a lot of stress showing me the aftermath of a hair coloring.

January 2012 was my first appointment with Dr. Aukerman. You will hear me talk about him frequently because he impacted my life so much and finally gave me some hope with why my body was failing me at only 30 years old. When he walked in the door, he did an initial once over and said you have a latex allergy, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and most likely Celiac disease.

He observed that my thyroid was swollen in my neck and tender to the touch. I just always thought that’s how it was supposed to look and feel.

Your thyroid is the pink part.
Your thyroid is the pink part.

Frequent signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism: Intolerance to cold, difficulty concentrating or thinking, weight gain, fatigue, constipation, joint stiffness, dry skin, hair loss, heavy or irregular menses, facial swelling, enlarged neck and/or presence of a goiter.


According to,  there are more serious consequences to having untreated hypothyroidism-

“As hypothyroidism becomes more severe, there may be puffiness around the eyes, a slowing of the heart rate, a drop in body temperature, and heart failure. In its most profound form, severe hypothyroidism may lead to a life-threatening coma (myxedema coma). In a severely hypothyroid individual, a myxedema coma tends to be triggered by severe illness, surgery, stress, or traumatic injury. This condition requires hospitalization and immediate treatment with thyroid hormones given by injection.

Properly diagnosed, hypothyroidism can be easily and completely treated with thyroid hormone replacement. On the other hand, untreated hypothyroidism can lead to an enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy), worsening heart failure, and an accumulation of fluid around the lungs (pleural effusion).”

So, now that we know what this autoimmune disease is – how do you diagnose it? I did a little bit of research online and found labtestsonline to be the best source and easiest information on testing for Hashimoto’s.


The goals of testing include detecting thyroid dysfunction, diagnosing Hashimoto thyroiditis, and monitoring Treatment.

For monitoring thyroid function and hormone production:

To help diagnose Hashimoto thyroiditis:

  • Anti-thyroid peroxidase antibody (anti-TPO, see Thyroid Antibodies). This test detects the presence of autoantibodies against a protein found in thyroid cells. A high value usually indicates autoimmune damage to the thyroid due to disorders such as Hashimoto thyroiditis and Graves disease.
  • Antithyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) — if positive, may indicate Hashimoto thyroiditis; while thyroglobulin antibodies are often positive, they are not as sensitive or specific as anti-TPO so they are not routinely ordered.

My TSH levels came back high on my first test around 4.976. To put that in reference, it should be between .5 and 3. My PTH Intact also came back high at 37.5. This level should be around 14 or less.


The doctor has not put me on thyroid medicine yet because my blood levels dropped after my second testing in July 2012. They are still a little elevated, but they are going down at a great pace without taking any kind of medicine. This is because I’ve tried to control my gluten intake as much as possible. By stopping the autoimmune response of gluten, my thyroid doesn’t have to work as hard and the levels are going down.

Synthetic hormones:
This usually involves daily use of the synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine (Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid). Synthetic levothyroxine is identical to thyroxine, the natural version of this hormone made by your thyroid gland. The oral medication restores adequate hormone levels and reverses all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.

Is a Food Latex Allergy contributing to your auto-immune problems?

Is Avocado my forbidden food even more than gluten?
Is Avocado my forbidden food even more than gluten?

I love Avocados. Growing up I didn’t particularly care for them but as I’ve gotten older, they are my love. I put them on everything. After all, they are heart happy foods right?


You can imagine my disappointment when Dr. Aukerman told me that I not only have a gluten allergy and have celiac, I also suffer from a latex allergy found in foods. He knew immediately from looking at me. He handed me a mirror and pointed out that the whites of my eyes were actually off white or gray and there was swelling around my lips. I also had a latex allergy on my chest – little white lines of allergy horror. I thought it was just my body. There were other things but these were the most obvious. Then he handed me this sheet of paper along with everything else in my packet that day, which also listed the other latex ridddled food I should avoid.

From Better Health in 120 days by Glen Aukerman, MD.
From Better Health in 120 days by Glen Aukerman, MD.

Eating foods that with latex-like proteins exposes people suffering from those allergic to latex. Apparently, our bodies can’t tell the difference between latex found in medical gloves and kiwi. Since I’ve cut out gluten, my body has become much more sensitive to these foods and the effects are more serious each time I eat them. (similar to gluten) Sometimes I just think my body is revolting against me and my brain lives in another world.

You should avoid the following foods if you have a known rubber latex allergy or a latex rash on your chin, cheeks and lines on your neck and chest.

Say Goodbye to avocado, banana, kiwi, chestnut, raw potato, tomato, stone fruits (peach, cherry), hazelnut, melons, celery, carrot, apple, pear, papaya and almond.

Foods to avoid with latex allergy

Ethylene is a gas used to quicken commercial ripening can increase the reaction in some people so it’s best to buy these items when they are locally grown and in season if you will have them at all. Companies frequently use this gas in bananas.

You never know what is going to go on with your food when it is being processed by large companies. Have you ever seen the lettuce video on YouTube where they actually physically peel plastic layers off the leaves?? Here is the clip – It’s really gross. They spray fruits and vegetables with that stuff so they stay “fresh” and look ripe in the grocery stores. It allows them to last longer than locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I will admit, I’ve been a naughty girl. Since I’ve cut gluten foods from my diet, I’ve been relying more on these forbidden fruits and maybe it’s about time it caught up with me.

It started Friday afternoon on our long drive back from Hilton Head. I thought I was just stiff from being in the car for 12 hours. My back ached liked crazy, I was abnormally sore from my workout the day before and my neck was throbbing with severe tension pain.

My fingers are the first to give way that something is wrong. It’s like they move in slow motion and I can barely type. What the hell is wrong with me (I think to myself), I’m only 30 how could I possible have arthritis like this.

My lips starting tingling too – it’s just from being in the sun I said all week. (knowing very well what Dr. Aukerman said during my first appointment)

I know I ate guacamole at lunch that day. But, I didn’t think I’d pay for it like this.

Fast forward to today. I ate Chipotle and yes, I devoured some guacamole.

All day. My. Joints. Ached. I took the dog to the park and my knees throbbed just walking 10 minutes to the spot where he goes swimming.

Come on Mom! Throw me the stick...
Come on Mom! Throw me the stick…

My lips are tingling and I can see the red lines around them like that time at Dr. Aukerman’s office.

I can barely type this blog post because my fingers are so stiff and hurt so bad.

Conclusion: I should stop eating avocados.

But why? I love them so much. It just seems like my whole world is crashing down just because of another set-back, another list of foods I can’t eat anymore. It isn’t fair. I want a freaking bagel or a sandwich with everyone else. Why can’t I just have my banana and eat it too?

Have you struggled with these foods?

Do you have a latex food allergy? Leave a comment below and tell us about it….

Be Happy, Be Healthy


Want to learn more about latex in fruit?

Latex-Fruit Syndrome and Class 2 Food Allergy

Latex Allergy Blog

American Latex Allergy

Food Allergens


  1. Amanda Yoder says:

    I don’t think this is my issue, but I have a rash on my stomach–a stubborn one, so I have to ask the doc what foods might be causing it or it’s gluten in my soap, not sure yet. It is frustrating, first celiac, then lactose-intolerance, and i’m extremely sensitive to acids like tomatoes too! So very frustrating when it feels like so many foods are taken from what I can eat. However, when I look at my immediate family for the last several generations, they were farmers who ate grassfed beef, free range eggs, and potatoes A LOT, which salad/vegetables from the garden and only the fruits occasionally that grew near them…rarely wheat because they had to buy it and raw milk—it kind of reflects what’s left so maybe it’s what my body is best adept at handling (this is a problem frequently left out when saying the healthiest way is for everybody to “be vegetarian like Indians” or “eat Mediteranean” or “eat fish and seaweed like the Japanese cuz they live a long time” when studies have found that Caucasians don’t absorb nutrients from seaweed at all compared to native Japanese.)


  2. Jenny says:

    OMG! This is crazy! I have been battling a really bad allergy reaction in my skin which covers my mid section, arms and hands for close to 2 years and now just 2 wks ago started on my face! Have been to 4 doctors and no one could tell me what is except its allergy related. Well 3 months ago I ran into a person who looked at my arm and asked me what the hell was wrong with me and suggested it might be gluten. At that time I only ate wheat products (bread, cereal, pasta etc). I gave it all up and my skin magically began to clear up and the itch to go away. At the same time I started a hormone (latex) patch treament and also got hooked on sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas and strawberries, eating these everyday and boom, the itching and red spots came back with a vengeance. It was so bad that on Monday I had to go to my dermatologist so she could give me a Keladon (sterocrotisol) shot and cortisone cream. Still not helping. So yesterday I went on line to the website of a new doctor I am seeing on the 30th and there I found the information about latex. I could not believe that this is what has been close to driving me insane. And of course, I have been overdosing on the foods listed here!!! I tend to eat the same things every day. I even just recently gave up milk, cheese and eggs thinking that could also be affecting me, but still there has not been any relief. Yesterday I removed my hormone patches and called my doctor to get other treament. Today I had for breakfast a cereal that is made of brown rice, no bananas or berries, with rice milk! Just had for lunch quinoa with plain broiled chicken. Don’t know what I will be eating for dinner! Feeling much better, though still have a little bit of itching but my red areas are starting to get better. I was at the point of embarrasment and having to quit going to the gym because my body looked like a checkers board and the sweat would drive me crazy. I am now hoping that by eliminating all of these foods and having the doctor confirm that a latex allergy is what I have, I will get my life back. I do know it is going to be hard because I am a very picky eater and I loved all the foods on the list. Will see…


  3. Amy says:

    Sister, I feel your pain! Literally! I’ve been suffering from latex food syndrome for years and only in the last couple of years have I really felt the BIG effects. Forget the list of foods I can’t eat. That’s most everything, especially if any part of the plant bleeds white when you cut into it. Prepackaged foods are out of the question because of the additives and thickeners. I have a list of 32 foods I can eat without any reaction whatsoever. I’m a Chef. Food is my LIFE and it’s a painful HELL every time I decide to eat just a little something off my list. I carry an Epi-Pen with me and keep one in the office because I just never know when one of the off-limits foods will send me to the ER in respiratory distress.
    These are the things I CAN eat: Grass-fed beef, bison, elk, venison, fish (no shellfish-allergic), wild turkey, organic chicken, antelope, eggs, cooked spinach, well-cooked collard greens, cooked onion, garlic & shallot, wild black rice, blueberries, grapes, wine (thank God!), red wine vinegar, olives, olive oil, capers, cheese, milk (very little), frozen yogurt with no thickening agents, plain yogurt, organic cooked dates, honey, cooked mushrooms, coffee, tea, cocoa powder.


    • Maria says:

      Amy, I think that I’m almost in your same diet, thanks for telling me of the cook mushrooms, cause I was having a little pain, on that, so I’m gonna cooked it we’ll done! Because , the way my allergies reacts, like I’m having a heart attack , lm treating it like is a acid reflux, so since I’m drinking charcoal activated, is muuuuuuuuch better, you can find it in vitamin shop


  4. Rebecca says:

    I recently just learned about latex allergy and foods. I have been allergic to latex my whole life and never clued into this. Over the passed 2 years I have experienced many different health problems and have gone for thousands of test. My abdominal area swelled up so big within a 3 day period that it causes me to gain 20lbs in those 3 days! after that i started waking up with large swollen areas on either my forearms or my legs. They would be large, hot and very itchy. Doctors thought it was a million other things, like an allergic reaction to a bug bite and never put two and two together. But after hearing about this and researching it more it all makes sense to me! Im also a vegetarian so I eat a lot of these foods that are sensitive to me now. Im starting to narrow my options down myself without my doctors help. Im also studying to be a holistic nutritionist so doctors opinion i am kind of biased too. Has anyone had any of these symptoms? I have read that there are different degrees of it.


  5. Hillary says:

    I am so excited. I have been gluten free and dairy free for years. In the last two years while breast feeding my son, I’ve had to eleminate soy, along with many latex foods. Sometimes when my husband and I drive past restaurants we joke, wouldn’t it be fun to eat out….then I say, ‘yeah, remeber how sick I was when we ate out?’ I dont miss my gut issues, my rashed hands, my hair falling out or those God awful stomach pains that would render me immobile. I do however miss all the new recipes we used to try. I often find myself staring in the refrigerator wondering ‘why hasn’t someone written a cook book for this group of allergeries?’ I am so EXCITED to have found your website! It may just put the creative spark back in my cooking. :)


  6. Heather says:

    I really wish latex fruit syndrome would go main stream. It’s very difficult when people don’t understand it. I ate the comment “I never heard of anyone being allergic to bananas! That is just crazy”. Yes people are allergic and it will kill me and my son, is what I want to scream! LOL
    It’s very frustrating with the school too. They will take out peanuts but we had to fight for years on the bananas. When my son and I both had to use a epi pen after being in the school from bananas being served they finally listened. My husband can’t even eat them because if he kisses one of us without washing his mouth or hands well it is off to the ER.
    I can’t have any foods on the list which is a lot bigger than the one above now.

    I get why people don’t understand it because I don’t always. Like I didn’t know about the hair falling out, joint pains and the rash just staying around. I thought I had to have a reaction to where I itched bad, with a rash and breathing problems. This explains a lot lot more now.
    I have been diagnosed with Lupus, fibromyalgia, & now looking at MS. I wonder if it isn’t just all the latex fruit syndrom. I say this because they go back and fourth on the lupus every few years.
    I have been knowingly fighting this for 10 years but I have been allergic to latex since birth and strawberries us other foods off and on.

    If your just starting out in this or have had it a while remember it isn’t just foods you have to worry about. Shampoos is a BIG ONE for us. There is soy, banana purée, but oils, sunflower oils and other things on the lost. Lotions, skin care products, soaps, hair sprays and more. A lot of meds have soy protein has a binder, mostly capsules so you have to check the inactive ingredients on these things too. A lot of the natural or herbal meds use soy or sunflower.
    Be sure and look of the scientific name to all of these foods too, I can post a link on a bit if you want. I found out about my banana allergy by getting sick every time we went to my friends for dinner. She used a lot of marinades and every one had a banana purée in it as a thickener (it is made in a powder form too and used in soaps and candies). You have to get to know these names to stay safe or to keep the kids safe.
    Epi pens are always a great thing thing to have on hand just in case. You never know when that eating it one more time will be the one that gets you the most. That is how I lived for years, eating it anyhow and taking benadryle. Then my dr told me every time I eat one it makes me more allergic and some day I want have help to get to the ER. It took that happening for me to open my eyes.
    Well I didn’t know that the names where not listed has we “know” them Normally & I just looked at the allergy list not the whole ingrident list. After 3 bites I was on the floor not able to breath. Thank goodness my 4 year old was home due to a ice storm! He called his daddy on my ipone, ran across the field in his undies and no shoes to get our cop neighbor in the ice of all things. He saved my life! The cop gave me the epi pen I had manged to get out and throw toward him under his feet, I couldn’t talk at all. The ambulance came and gave me another shot plus IV meds. I couldn’t move at that point.
    Anyhow I told you that part to let you know how bad or could be to just keep eating these things. It really effects is worse each time.

    Thank you for spreading the word about this and I hope others do too. ;)

    It is a very hard and frustrating thing to have because it changed your whole lifestyle in the blink of a eye.

    ((As I was typing this my son had a reaction to a candy cane… It has sunflower oil in it and I had NO IDEA. I had to look up the manufacturer to find it out)) I’m
    Not proof reading due to this I need to go watch him but I had to finish this post I started 2 hours ago… Much love and hugs to all who deal with this.


  7. Anita says:

    Wow~! I am allergic to latex and really only thought about gloves and condoms. I had no idea it extended to foods and therefore ingredients for skin care. I’m very happy to learn this since I’m a skin care formulator~! No wonder there are so many unexplained reactions to different creams while everyone else loves them.

    I’m so happy to find this info. Thank you so much for posting it~! Now all I can think is this is going to be a TON of work. Not only figuring out what I can eat, but I’m going to have to change some of my formulas for myself and you~! I found this by searching the link between latex and shea butter (yes, something else we’re supposed to avoid).

    @Rebecca YES! My bloating is ridiculous~! I look like I’m 6 months pregnant after eating certain foods. I had gained a ton of weight, then lost 65 lbs over 2 years and have now gained back almost 50 lbs in about 3 months after becoming a vegetarian. Now I can see that a lot of what I’m eating is on the no-no list – not to mention the great things I’m using on my skin – which are apparently related to latex, Ugh~! I’m so tired from this~!


  8. Anita says:

    Here is a research sheet about the link between latex allergy and shea butter:
    Anita recently posted…15gm Vitamin C Ester Ascorbyl Ascorbic Ester C PowderMy Profile


    • Anita says:

      Here is a research sheet about the link between latex allergy and shea butter:


  9. Bee says:

    Excellent blog post! I get the same inflammatory response too from these foods. Avocado and kiwi are especially bad. Do u know where cucumber lies on this spectrum bc that’s another fruit I notice issues with

    Lastly, do u experience gi issues when u eat these foods? What has been ur experience?



Eating Gluten Free in Hilton Head South Carolina – Traveling with Celiac

Gluten free in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!

How do you travel with celiac disease? I found it’s not very easy, so I obviously was leery on our first trip to Hilton Head for a week. Fortunately, our hotel had a kitchen in our suite as we own a timeshare with Marriott Vacation Club but even so I didn’t want to be stuck eating in the hotel the entire trip. Eating gluten free in Hilton Head was much easier than I thought it would be!

I decided to chronicle our trip to help you if you ever decide to head over to Hilton Head! This will be a great guide for those of you looking for safe places to eat, or wondering if a place you wanted to go is a good pick. 7 days worth of dinners and lunches there is bound to be something for everyone on this list.

Marriott Grand Ocean – 

51 South Forest Beach Drive · Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928

Dolphin Grille – located outside of the pool in the middle of the resort – this little place to eat is full of fried foods. If you want French fries and fried anything, this is the place to go. They also offered smoothies and salads but from the look around me – no one was enjoying the healthier items. Since fried foods have been off my list for sometime now, just the smell of the grease makes my stomach uneasy. I stuck with a grilled Mahi Mahi salad. It didn’t make me sick but it didn’t make me feel good either. It made me worried about cross contamination and I didn’t feel safe eating here.  This was the first and last time we ate at this grille. It’s a shame because it was the only restaurant on the property.

Marketplace – For being a huge billion dollar corporate company, you would think that the Marriott Company would be more sensitive to allergies and food needs. But nope, they failed at this yet again. The Marketplace is a little grocery type store to find essentials and they have some snacks at their pizza place. Again, nothing gluten free or lactose free, well unless you wanted candy or chips. There was no air conditioning in this little space so I’m sure any fresh fruit would rot quickly. If you want soda, macaroni and cheese, brownie mix, chips or pizza – this it the place for you. I left very disappointed that I couldn’t even grab a snack at the hotel. My suggestion for Marriott is to consult with some allergy awareness groups to come up with some perfect allergen free picks for their store. I’m sure something gluten free would be atrociously expensive, since a drink was $3 but people will pay a premium if they can’t find anything else nearby.

Wise Guys Steaks and Wine Bar– 1513 Main Street  Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

First place we went to after gluten free Hilton Head Internet search. They have “gluten” spelled wrong on their website, which might contribute to not being able to find them on the Internet? It’s a shame because this was the absolute best gluten free meal I’ve ever had. The Caesar salad with grits croutons knocked my socks off and the steak was so tender and delicious. I salivated all week for another meal there. The skillet potatoes were delicious as well. Because I now have the lactose allergy, I couldn’t indulge in desert but my husband had a molten lava cake that he said was fabulous. Lots of wine selections. Very modern décor and feel inside. My husband didn’t like the mirrors all over the walls but I thought they were cool. This dinner hot spot is not a place for kids. Pretty good wine menu also for all us legal drinking age adults!

Check them out on Find Me Gluten Free

Check out their Gluten Free Menu Online

The Crazy Crab – 149 Lighthouse Road, Hilton Head, South Carolina

The waitress had no idea what I was talking about when I told her I had a gluten allergy. I should have known better from the menu with entire entire thing filled with fried foods. I didn’t feel comfortable eating anything there due to possible cross contamination in the kitchen and lack of knowledge from our waitress. I ended up ordering the crab legs and corn on the cob. Well the corn on the cob was completely watered down; I think I had 2 bites. The crab legs were lack luster and didn’t fit the name of the restaurant. They left little to be desired and I was not impressed. This place is in the Harbor area and it is one of the touristy places on the island. I couldn’t recommend this place for gluten free folks. and for that matter, I wouldn’t even recommend it for people without food allergies.

Truffles Café – 71 Lighthouse Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

After finding this place on the Gluten Free Find me app, I had high hopes since people posted about their gluten free items being so good. They did offer gluten free pasta and breads but I just wasn’t in the mood. I’m finding that the gluten free pastas/breads leave me hungry and wanting more food. I decided to try a filet again. I was a bit disappointed in this one. The steak was fine but very bland, along with the garlic mashed potatoes. The spinach with it was really good not soggy and had good flavor. It almost seemed like they were afraid to flavor my food for fear it would have gluten. My husband had the mango salmon and said it was the best meal he had on the island. I guess it might just depend on what you order. They were the only place that offered a gluten free desert and it was delicious. Hot, gooey and delicious. A little mini lava cake without the lava and ice cream on the side. I felt this meal was more expensive than the others and for no real reason. Oh and I did have a “peartini that hit he spot! There were pros and cons about the meal. Have you eating here? Please let me know!

Check out their other review on Find Me Gluten Free

One Hot Mama’s – 7A Greenwood Drive  Hilton Head Isle, SC 29928

Monday night football – we had to go somewhere that had the game on! Typically sports bars are the last place you want to go if you have celiac. Tons of fried foods! I will say this place had several good options. I ended up with the beef brisket salad. Ahhmazing. The beef brisket was so tender and the meat was flavored nicely. No fatty pieces on the meet and the salad lettuce was fresh. They also said their wings were gluten free, which means they must cook them in a separate fryer than the regular fried foods. Highly recommended for a cheap bite to eat in Hilton Head! Aaron had tacos and really enjoyed them as well.

Did you eat here? Leave a review on Find Me Gluten Free

Black Marlin – Located dockside at  Palmetto Bay Marina 86 Helmsman Way, Suite 103
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Best crab legs I’ve ever had by far. They were big, juicy and had lots of meat. I could tell they weren’t soaked in water or over boiled. Cooked perfectly. I was starving and inhaled them. I just wanted more and more of them. Aaron said I had a ravenous look in my eyes and at one point was double fisting crab legs and green beans. It was a sight to be seen. The green beans were crispy and tasted great. Nothing special about the baked potato, it’s really hard to screw them up. Aaron had some fried shrimp tacos and raved about them. For desert, he had a molten chocolate lava cake and I watched him eat it.

Did you eat here? Leave a review on Find Me Gluten Free!


Skull Creek Boathouse – 397 Squire Pope Road,
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

The last stop on our trip. We stopped here on the way home for lunch. I couldn’t decide what I wanted and we had a $50 voucher from taking the timeshare tour so we ordered a bunch of different things. We started with chips, guacamole and salsa. In hindsight, I didn’t ask if they cook the chips themselves or if the guacamole was gluten free. I ended up sick before we left the restaurant. Not their fault, mine… Seriously not a smart move before a 12 hour car ride back to Ohio. I didn’t ask. The sushi roll was very good – smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. Then Aaron and I shared crab legs again. He ordered the snickers cake for desert, and once again… I watched him eat it.

Did you eat here? Share it!! Find Me Gluten Free

HAHA Ok – We found this little guy on the beach but we didn’t have him for lunch….
Overall, I found several gluten free options in Hilton Head and didn’t have many problems going to different places. I will say we focused on the SERG restaurant group because they all had gluten free offerings and educated staff, a heart warming thing for all of us with Celiac. Not only do they have a ton of places to eat on the island, they all have different events and themes.

Do you have a hot spot in Hilton Head for gluten free options? Do you live on Hilton Head Island and have Celiac? I want to hear from you – email me at and tell me the best places to go so next time I can be sure to check them out…..

Be happy, Be Healthy-


The Pretty Little Celiac


  1. Delia Raine says:

    I am off the Savannha and Hilton Head May 17 and I will be using your reviews to find some places to eat. We will cook alot too at our time share as I always find that safest. I have been celiac since Dec 2011 and travelling is alway hard. I starve or get sick with out careful research and good resturant education.
    Thanks for the tips.


    • Rebecca says:

      We had a great experience on Hilton Head Island – I found a lot of places to get gluten-free food. I can’t wait to go back there this fall.


  2. Alison A. says:

    Hi! I am going on vacation in about 2 weeks to Hilton Head with a day trip to Savannah, and weekend in Charleston. This will be my first vacation since I found out about my Celiac this past Christmas. I am oh so worried but very excited I found your page. I am still getting use to it and can’t wait to try some of these places out.
    Alison :D


  3. Jen P. says:

    I’ve been going to Hilton head for 25 years but only have known I had celiac for about 3 years. Thanks for this posting! I’d like to try a few of these (and avoid others!). I’ve found that Old Oyster Factory has been very accommodating although I can’t remember if they have a gluten free menu. Also, One Hot Mama’s is the best for celiacs!! Loved it there! Mellow mushroom has gluten free pizza and I think they have gluten free beer too! Also, lots and lots of other beer on tap! Fresh Market (I think that’s what it’s called) has lots of gluten free snacks or things to pick up for your house/room! I’m going there this Saturday, so if I find more great places, I’ll report back!!



My wife is the Pretty Little Celiac and this is our Celiac Journey…

The Trophy Husband

Diaries of the Pretty Little Celiac’s Husband

“Watch the cart” This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Rebecca and her relationship with food. There are too many times to count when we would be speeding home from a night of eating out, screaming at me to go faster or she was going to “bleep her pants”. One time in particular, I had marks on my shoulder when she was grinding her nails into my shoulder as I was turning the corner, coming into our sub-division. We were forced to stop behind a car of an elderly couple who seem to be lost and to my dismay going under 10 miles per hour. I can’t even count how many times this happened. For a while, we would go to the grocery store immediately after eating out. Within 5 minutes of arrival, somewhere between the produce and bakery (rather ironically), she would eventually tell me to “watch the cart’, and she quickly walked to the restroom to ‘check out the facilities’. What was tough for me to understand was the relationship between what she was eating and her sometimes explosive reaction to the food. She would have what we thought was a very healthy dinner, chicken, veggies, whole wheat bread… explosion.. Then we would eat something that would be considered bad or greasy, like cheese fries or nachos loaded with cheese, and nothing. It was like trying to dodge land mines, but they were invisible or at least mis-labeled.

I Have Allergies too!
To give this some perspective,I have always had an allergy to nuts, more specifically, tree nuts. I have been to the emergency room about a dozen times in 30 years. If I have something with nuts in it, I have an immediate reaction. My reaction is much more severe than what Rebecca has with gluten. Certain nuts, if I ingest enough of them, will swell me up to the point where I will not be able to breathe, and die within minutes. Other nuts will give me hives so bad that I become almost unrecognizable. That being said, I find my allergy much more manageable than having celiac. Why? I pretty much know what food has nuts and what doesn’t. Nut allergies are well established in the manufacturing industry the labels on food are done in a way where there is no ambiguity, which I think has to do with the severity of the allergy. If someone eats a product that has nuts but it was not on the label, and dies, the lawyers come in. In the case of Gluten, if gluten is in a product and it says it is ‘Gluten Free’ and it irritates my stomach, it is pretty hard to sue for that. How could you prove it? I can’t even picture how that would play out in court!

In restaurants, it is very easy to find out what has nuts and what doesn’t, most of the time you can see them and there are well established foods that I know to stay away from.. IE Chinese (cooking in nut oils), desserts with walnuts, pecans , cashews…. For gluten, it’s not that straight forward, even to the most veteran celiac. We typically get looks of confusion if Rebecca asks if an item has gluten or not. Sometimes the quick response of “no’. That is even more concerning, since it is hard to determine if the waiter waitress is truly understanding the question. Lastly, the reaction to the gluten is not as automatic as the nut allergy. I am so sensitive to the nuts, I can of just smell them in the food and know. One bite (not even swallowing) and I immediately know. With gluten, sometimes it happens hours later or at times…days…so there is no immediate feedback. The gluten reaction can also be days in length, and can be one of many things for Rebecca. Mostly notably multiple trips to the bathroom. I know way more about her poop then I would ever care to admit.

More than that, it negatively affects her mood, her joints and at times our relationship. Damn you gluten!

The Experiments
Now that she has found out, initially there was a sense of relief. However, quickly a hard realization. Things that she loved to eat were slowly poisoning her. It has been tough. It is tough for me to find the correct way to support her in these struggles. I am a problem solver at work, however, in my experience with Rebecca, it is best to give her unconditional support and someone to listen to ,as opposed to offering any solutions. I don’t have to live with this condition, and I am learning along with her. I don’t have to live with the mistakes or mis-steps that happen along the way. The first few months she stuck to the four of five things she liked and could eat…but those would quickly come and go… Chipotle for a month, then Noodles and Company… then Annie’s Gluten free Mac and Cheese. Trips to gluten-free bakeries, gluten-free bagels, pizza.. some of it will disintegrate in your month… some of it was actually better than the gluten-free product, but you always pay 2x as much for it. We continue to find things we like, and don’t. Rebecca is very vocal either way.. no ambiguity.

How it affected me and my own weight struggles…
One unintended side effect of the discovery that Rebecca had gluten, was that it had positive effects on my health. To be supportive, and also because  I didn’t want to make two different meals (yes, I am the cook in the house), I began eating mostly gluten-free. I have struggled with keeping my weight down, and in the past I combated that with working out more and eating less of the foods I really enjoy! I was smack dab in the middle of one of my most ambitious cycles to get in shape. I was working out, sometime 2x a day, and I was actually gaining weight. The I had started to eat the gluten-free diet, again, the reason of convenience and sanity. I first noticed more energy in the afternoon while I was at work.

Before this, energy from caffeine was the only way I could get through the afternoon. But after eliminating the majority of the gluten in my diet, I was feeling more energetic and didn’t feel I needed caffeine in the afternoons. I began to feel as if there was something to this. I have now embraced eating this way, as well as more small improvements, and have lost 27 pounds in 12 weeks. I am working out less than once a week and not counting calories! My body seems to respond better to not having gluten, and I have never felt better and more energetic.

How I am trying to help…
I listen, I empathize and I learn. As mentioned before, I was not familiar with Celiac disease and gluten. In fact, my knowledge of truly good nutrition was greatly out of date. I have spent the past 5 months researching nutrition and in particular how it affects us on a daily basis. There are great resources on the internet. I particularly like some podcasts I have found on iTunes (search the ‘Health’ category). I listen to these on my to work or when I have the time. Rebecca and I have listened to them on the way to and from some our trips and we have found information that is consistent with what she is experiencing. Cooking for Rebecca continues to be a learning experience. We are constantly trying to find ways to cook the foods we like in a gluten-free manner. Sometimes is works, sometime it doesn’t, and we have to eat the failures. I know immediately if Rebecca doesn’t like it, and we now have at least a few things we can eat consistently. For the most part, we don’t eat out, and when we do there are specific restaurants we target.

What’s next?
We continue to try to find ways to have a lifestyle that we both enjoy. We have had many ups and downs.. mentally, emotionally, physically.. those won’t stop, at least not in the short-term. We are doing it together, but we stumble. She has to live with her body and it’s crankiness, but I see it getting better, although some days there are setbacks. We now celebrate eating out and not getting sick, we celebrate finding a pizza crust that is close to what she used to experience. We celebrate normal bowl movements… yes I said it.

Rebecca started her blog to help people find those little celebrations, to dodge the pitfalls she has found, and to inspire those who have this disease. She is also are looking to collaborate and learn from those who are fighting to maintain a normal and happy life. One day at a time, one meal at a time, we will get there.




  • Becky

    It was as if you were writing about my life! Thank you.


    • PrettyLittleCeliac

      You are so welcome! Thank you for stopping by and I just plan on posting more and more…. Stay tuned and let me know if you’d like any specific blog posts…


  • Victoria Rutigliano

    I have a VERY similar story as well. It took years for me to get diagnoised. So great that you are spreading the word to help others. This is a great website.


    • PrettyLittleCeliac

      Thank you Victoria for stopping by and I’m thrilled you enjoyed my website. That was the whole point in doing it to educate people. Did they say you had irritable bowel syndrome too?


My Earth Fare Gluten Free Grocery Cart Items

Gluten Free Items
Some of my favorite items

Some of my grocery staples are watermelon, carrots, corn on the cob, raspberries, Rice Dream milk, Tinkyana Rice Pasta, califlower, fair trade coffee, lara bars, gluten free pretzels and of course our meat for the week.

Gluten/Lactose Free

I tried this “rice cream” the other day and I’m not sure if I liked it or not. It had a very distinct flavor to it and looked very thick and not in a creamy delicious sort of way. The flavor is very sweet – even more so than regular vanilla ice cream and it left an odd after taste in my mouth. I thought having a “new and improved” taste would be a good thing….

I haven’t tried this yet but I thought it looked interesting. Fair trade rice. I’ve never had purple jasmine rice! Have you ever tried this? Leave a comment below and let me know how it tasted!

dark chocolate rice crunch
Gluten free and dairy free chocolate bar! I usually eat 2 or 3 pieces of chocolate a night so a bar usually lasts me all week. Tastes fabulous!! Just like a regular chocolate bar.

My go to milk substitute. It isn’t too think like almond milk but has a much better normal milk taste to it. I won’t drink my shakes or cereal with anything else. It sure is nice to finally have something that doesn’t make the feel pregnant or get sick after eating. Great source of vitamin D.


My husband has a tree nut allergy so he can only eat the ones made from just peanuts. Lara Bars are my bar of choice when I need a snack on the go. My favorite flavor is apple pie but I think they have about 20 different flavors. You can find them at almost any store, except Target seems to have an extremely small selection.

Gluten Free salmon rub – we are trying this tomorrow night on our Wild Alaskan Salmon purchased this week at the grocery store. I will let you know my review after we have dinner!
Do you have any staples you get each week for your gluten free lifestyle? I’d love to hear about them…
Gluten Free 4 Life-


Molly Woo’s Review – Updated!

Sunday I wanted to have lunch with a good friend and thought it would be a great idea to try somewhere new. Knowing that I always loved Cameron Mitchell restaurants because they are so good about knowing gluten free foods, I suggested Molly Woo’s.

Many of you may not know that soy sauce is not gluten free. There is a wheat ingredient that they don’t list on the bottle and you have to specifically ask for gluten free soy sauce.

This is the brand we keep at our house.

Gluten Free Soy Sauce

The waiter was educated on the gluten free menu and took our order. Their menu was extensive which makes me wonder how they can control the ingredients from the rest of the menu items.

Janine had the beef with broccoli – gluten free – She said it was very good and took half of it home for dinner.

I normally would get chicken at a restaurant like this but since we have been staying away from poultry, I went with the Sesame Beef. The sauce was extremely thick. Too thick. There was an over powering garlic taste to the sauce and not enough variation in the flavors. I didn’t realize the beef was fried or something because it had a very thick coating of something. Overall, I wasn’t impressed with my lunch. I should have gone with my gut instinct and gotten the gluten free sushi.

After the meal, I wasn’t even 5 minutes from Molly Woo’s when my stomach started grumbling. Grumbling turned to screaming as I was driving home – speeding to get to the bathroom. I think this is a gluten free fail.

I’ve tried PF Chang’s gluten free menu 3 times and on all 3 occasions with 3 different meals, I had the same stomach ache.

It’s now 7:15pm and I ate lunch around noon today. My stomach still hurts and I have no desire to eat dinner.

I’d say if you have a very gluten sensitive stomach, stay away from these types of sauces at Asian places and stick to a meal with less stuff. I will say that my husband didn’t like my left overs either.

I think I’ll stick with Cameron Mitchell’s other places. I’ve never had a problem at any of the others!

**UPDATE** Cameron Mitchell’s headquarters called me today and apologized for what happened. She said that they have a separate cooking area for all the gluten items and wasn’t sure how I got sick. She was going to speak to the chef and the manager of Molly Woo’s. She is going to send me a gift card to come back to Cameron Mitchell.