Looking for a juicer? The best way to get fruits and veggies into your body!

Breville Juicer
Breville Juicer
Breville Juicer

I’ve always struggled with getting enough fruits and vegetables in throughout the day, like pretty much most of us so I decided to go on a new adventure with Juicing.

Aaron keeps laughing every time I say Juiced, Juicing or Juicy because it’s also a body building term for being on steroids. Since I’ve competed with other folks in the past using this stuff, its funny to use the term in a completely different way.


After looking for different juicers, I finally decided on the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor. I always do my research before purchasing an item of this nature so after reading reviews and then price hunting for one less than $200, this seemed like the perfect fit.

According to Amazon.com 

Product Description

Drink to your health. Get into the world of juicing with this no-nonsense dual-speed juice fountain. The Dual speed motor allows you to juice hard fruits and vegetables such as apples and beets on high speed by spinning the filter at 12,000 RPM. Low speed is optimal for softer fruits and leafy green vegetables such as cantaloupe and spinach. The Juice Fountain Plus cutting disc is so powerful that pineapple can be juiced in large chunks with the rind on. This updated model includes an improved 1 liter juice jug with froth separator and an overload protection LED to protect the motor.Easy, lightning-quick operation and simple clean-up. Healthier living starts here.

It came in the mail right before I left our house to go to meetings and all I could think about was getting back home to juice some stuff!

I think I’ve spent more money on fruit and vegetables in the past week than I have the entire year. Well, that’s not true because usually they rot in our fridge before we actually eat them. So I should just throw away my money.

I did a few basic things with the Breville and then this weekend I ramped it up with some funky fruits and veggies (which I’ll do a blog post about those specifically)! This is definitely the juicer to buy. I love it.

It doesn’t slow down with the tougher fruits and veggies.

It’s really easy to clean – there are 4 main parts that need cleaned and it even comes with its own brush to get the skins off the grates.

I recommend this juicer for anyone who is into basic juicing and wants something they can use for a long time.

Check it out in my Amazon Store

Coming up next time in the Pretty Little Juicer Series – I’ll talk about my experiments with the fruits and veggies!



  1. Katie says:

    Same here….I throw away more fruits & veggies b/c I can’t eat them fast enough. I’m putting this on my Christmas list! Thx!! Ps…I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I Get my fruits & veggies from GreenBean local organic food delivery service. I’ve had some of the best fruits & veggies EVE, come from them. You should check out their website they also have a section for GF product as an added option.


    • Rebecca says:

      You are actually the 3rd person to mention the delivery service! I’m going to have to check It our for sure! Thank you


  2. Katie says:

    **meant EVER.


  3. René De Beaumarchais says:

    Actually, the best juicer on the market right now, according to Consumer Reports, is the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67650.

    It was rated 2nd best but the #1, Juiceman JM503, was discontinued, so we could say it’s the best right now.

    The 67650 scored 69% (the Juiceman had 70%, not too shabby of a diff), 4/5 for juice performance, 5/5 for convenience but 2/5 for noise.

    Your Breville JE98XL wasn’t tested and rated but Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL/B arrived third. It didn’t get the recommended check because it was too expensive. Same as the HB but 3/5 for juice.

    The HB is only 50$ at Amazon U.S. too! I got mine today, although from Sears Canada, at almost three times the U.S. price (137$ total). Why oh why don’t I live in the USA?

    The more you know, right?

    Hu hu!


    • Rebecca says:

      Do you have that one?


      • René De Beaumarchais says:

        UPS delivered it yesterday… (^_^)


  4. Erin @ the goodness life says:

    I actually had a breville and used it for a couple years before recently deciding I needed an upgrade. I was always frustrated with my old juicer’s inability to juice greens like kale, parsley, cilantro, etc so I splurged on the Omega Vert and I am in love . It’s definitely a great idea to get a reasonably priced machine to get started though and it is better to have a juicer and juice than have rotting veggies in your fridge!! I also love all those little juice samples, I’m excited to hear how you fared