Happy Birthday Pretty Little Celiac (me)!

In any sense of the word, I am a true Capricorn. My birthday is 12/30 and I was born on 12:30pm. This year, I will turn 31 along with all these other numbers. I’ve just been searching for a sign or some kind of significance to this to help guide me into my 30′s. Unlike many other people, I am thrilled to enter my 30′s. My life every year has been exponentially better than the last and I want to continue this trend into the future. Another year, Another milestone will be met.

Unfavorable Capricorn Characteristics

Imagine my surprise when I went into a little shop in Gahanna called Zodiac and met the owner Jennifer Lopez (that’s her real name). She provided me with my Zodiac Star Chart and blew me away. I’m a firm believer in understanding and recognizing your strengths to use them to the best of your ability. Seek jobs that thrive on your strengths and you will never be unhappy.

Here are some of my strongest qualities and personality information that she shared with me:

“Rising Sign    is in    18 Degrees    Aries
You are a free spirit and you must be first at everything you do. Very energetic, self-assertive and active, things must be done your way. You want to do everything full-tilt, 100 miles per hour! A great competitor, but a poor cooperator — you must learn how to lose more gracefully. Very self-confident, ambitious and passionate, you radiate positive energy. You are blunt and direct, but at times unfeeling and tactless, especially if anyone offers you any resistance. You fight for your beliefs, but your tendency to act first and think later often causes you much grief.

Sun is in    08 Degrees    Capricorn
Extremely serious and mature, you are capable of accepting responsibilities and do so willingly. Others expect you to be dutiful as a matter of course. You tend to get angry when people get rewards after not having worked anywhere near as hard as you. You are goal-oriented and an achiever by nature — you’re a hard worker and are justifiably proud of the tangible results of your efforts. You tend to have “tunnel-vision” — this allows you to block out extraneous matters that might distract others and to concentrate totally on the matter at hand. You are known for being totally persistent, tenacious and tireless in reaching your goals.”

The Wonderful Capricorn Stuff!

There are many books out there you can get from the library or the bookstore about strengths. Strengths Finder 2.0 is a great book to use to find out what qualities are your best and how to incorporate them into your every day lives.

Here are 2 great ideas on how to find out what your strengths are without even reading a book!

1. Ask your friends and family – they know you better than anyone and would hopefully give you great tips on what you are great at and how you can maximize them!

2. Ask yourself what you really enjoy doing – make a list of things you like doing and then try to break them down into reasons why. This should be a pretty difficult task but if you take the time to do it correctly, you will quickly be able to learn about yourself. Here is an example of mine – I really enjoy planning events. I never really thought about why until a few years ago. I am great at multitasking, organizing, following up on leads, assigning projects and really enjoy seeing the final product. These are all skills I am not using primarily in my role as an entrepreneur.

I hope these help you in your pursuit of happiness. They sure did help me find my way out of a job I disliked and into a career that is right up my alley. I’ve never been happier right now!