14 Delicious Gluten-Free Snack Options for Traveling

Next week will be 1 year that I started this celiac journey and it took about 8 months for me to really start figuring things out! I’ve been on several trips since then and realized many people aren’t sure of what they can take with them when traveling. This was quite the conundrum for me when I initially traveled with celiac disease. When we went to visit friends, I always went shopping beforehand to buy my essentials for the trip. I’m not one that believes people should bend over backwards to cater to my auto-immune disease. I’m an adult, I can meet my own needs.

With all this said- I asked this question on the Pretty Little Celiac Facebook page and compiled a list of items perfect for road trips or plane travel.

BTW- You CAN take food through airport security with you but not beverages. I’ve done it many times while competing, even bringing meatballs, asparagus and chicken in a carry on cooler. 

1. Rice cakes

2. Individual nut butter packets

3. Lara bars, Kind bars or other gluten free snack bars

4. Almonds or other nuts

5. Apples are the perfect road trip fruit. Bananas may work but could get bruised or squishy

6. Carrots, mini cucumbers or other sliced veggies

7. Glutino cereal bars

8. Kettle chips, Sweet potato chips, lentil chips, gluten free pretzels (not as nutritious or filling)

9. String or Baybel cheese

10. Gluten free crackers

11. Amy’s gluten free bunny crackers/cookies

12. Dried fruit

13. Tuna packets and individual packets of condiments

14. Gluten free protein powders

What’s in your bag that I missed? Let’s see how big we can make this list to prove to people there ARE things we can eat!