Celiac Disease and the Phoenix: Have you Reinvented Yourself Yet?

Celiac Disease
Celiac Disease

It’s funny how symbols we find important show up in every part of our life. For me, the Phoenix is a very important and symbolic thing because it is all about being reborn and reinventing yourself. It is a reminder that most things aren’t finite and we can at any time change our lives to something completely different. Accepting the consequences of those changes are often what people find discouraging about major decisions and avoid the opportunity to explore life to its fullest.

These changes can be something as simple as quitting your job, moving to somewhere different or as challenging as leaving an unhappy marriage or divorcing negative friends in your life. But regardless, these options are choices we make because they might better our lives.

It’s funny because when I opened Bexa Body Fitness, I wanted our logo to represent being reborn. I wanted it to be about finding that inner fire inside of you to drive you to where you want to go without looking back. Now I need to figure out how to incorporate that same theme into my Pretty Little Celiac world.

There are changes in our life that we don’t have the option of choosing like celiac disease, cancer, other physical ailments or death. It’s how people handle these horrific life events that make us all very different. For me, celiac disease was a heart breaking and devastating life event but not as terrible as watching my uncle suffer from pancreatic cancer  or sitting at the Cleveland Clinic on Christmas waiting for my grandfather to come out of surgery. There are people that fight this diagnosis and continue to eat gluten knowing it could cause them the more serious ailments like cancer but that’s their choice. They are choosing to ignore the easiest disease to take care of because you only need food.

Celiac disease is something we should be grateful for when caught early enough. All we have to do to cure celiac disease is eat gluten free. This gives us the ultimate opportunity to become a phoenix and reinvent our lives. Since I was diagnosed, I’ve been telling people I can’t cook and don’t like cooking. Primarily it was because in the past I never really had to and if I were hungry, I went out to eat.

I don’t have that luxury anymore. As much as I’ve been fighting it, I’m learning to cook. Turns out, I’m not too shabby.

I thought I would live my life in Columbus, become an awesome fitness personality and help people lose weight, get fit and love themselves. After my diagnosis with celiac and then endometriosis, I realized I have a higher calling than just fitness. I love coaching, training, teaching, consulting and all those things so I am thrilled I can incorporate my passion in so many different areas. I am reinventing myself. I am in every aspect of the word a Phoenix.

How have you reinvented yourself or become a Phoenix in your own world?