Why is Clean Eating so Dirty?

Clean Eating Shouldn’t feel so Dirty.
Clean Eating Shouldn’t feel so Dirty.

Why has clean eating become such a dirty topic of conversation?

I started this blog to take other people on the journey with me and not only share my experiences with you but to learn from others as time goes by. I make an effort to not push my beliefs or eating habits on anyone else. You will never find me telling someone to go gluten free or skip wheat but I have made suggestions and of course I’m always here to help those that are interested in learning more. It does however frustrate me when I’m bombarded with questions about how I live only to have people question what I’m doing or give me negative feedback.

It seems to me that the media has glorified fad diets and decided to lump gluten-free into the mix. It doesn’t help that celebrities say they are eating gluten-free and then are seen at a burger joint eating a giant glutenous sandwich. Doesn’t that just drive you crazy?

I just saw an article (I can’t remember so I apologize) that said 29% of people are trying to eliminate gluten from their diets. But why are these people try to eliminate it? It was interesting to have people comment on that when I tweeted it with responses of people that “try” but get to cheat with gluten. For those of us with gluten related health problems, that’s a dream for us. (or is it?) When I see articles like this, I can’t help but think the same few things.

1. It is a constant reminder of the lack of education regarding gluten related health problems in this country.
2. I remember how hard it was for me to get started on that journey.
3. I realize that the term “gluten-free” has developed into a negative lifestyle choice despite the health benefits for so many of us that eat gluten free.

Clean eating, paleo, whole foods, gluten-free, organic, grain free, grass fed and wild seafood are all completely normal terms for our household. But for millions of us they are sources of discontent, frustration and confusion. We feel we can’t go out to eat and be “normal” because we eat this way. We feel pushed out of our social groups because our friends decide its too difficult to go out anymore with us because of our new “diet.” What is preventing us from being comfortable with our new lifestyle to educate others and be proud and strong when in public?

How is it possible our society turned something so wholesome into a negative choice?

How is it possible that everyone is comfortable talking about cigarettes, sugar, soda, medications and other harmful things yet when you start talking about healthy things others get uncomfortable?

I hate that people feel uncomfortable discussing health living with others because it always ends up in an argument. We shouldn’t be led to believe that fast food and junk processed foods are “healthy” for us because these companies have a lot of money for marketing. It’s become a culture that if it’s in the grocery store, it’s ok to eat. Which, many of us have come to realize it is most certainly not. Last time I checked, red coloring number 5 wasn’t a food group or natural anything and some of the ingredients should be in household products, not in our belly.

Please don’t be afraid to speak the truth about food. I’m not saying to go around and knock on your neighbors doors to tell them to put down the Fritos, but I am saying educating others is the only way we are going to get our food costs down and awareness for healthy eating!

Clean eating shouldn’t be a dirty concept or a filthy term yet so  many of us are afraid to educated others because we don’t want to be seen as the crazy healthy person!