Gluten Poisoning at the Ballpark – Redd’s Cider

Redd’s Apple Ale is Not Gluten Free
Redd’s Apple Ale is Not Gluten Free

Gluten poisoning. I did not miss you.

I’ve been doing so great without you. No hassles. No problems. Just living my life like you didn’t exist.


That’s when it happens.

We went to the Cincinnati Reds game and usually I get an awesome fruit plate and a giant bottle of water during the games and we go out to eat after. While we were in the little United Dairy Farmer shop at the stadium, I scanned the beer section looking for something to have.

Redd’s Apple Ale. How cool, they added an apple cider to the mix. “Exceptionally Crisp Apple Ale” said the can – Okay sweet! I scooped one up for $11 and we went back to our seats.

A few innings into the game, my fingers started swelling to the point where I had to crank my wedding ring off my finger. It was so painful! The ring was completely surrounded by bloated finger flesh. We were in the sun, so I assumed maybe it was because of that.

Then I posted a picture of it online and had a few comments that they couldn’t find that it was gluten-free. So of course, when I looked, I saw it is a regular beer but an apple ale.

I’m the first one to admit I screwed up. I should have known better. I looked at every other product in the stadium that I ate to be sure I could eat them. But, I just assumed it was gluten-free. If anything, always learn that you can’t ever assume! Always research.


I would like to point out that the can had a giant apple on it and the marketing of the can looked very much like apple cider ale’s I’ve had before that are gluten-free. It was easy to mistake this for a regular gluten-free cider because of the packaging. Go to their site at and tell me if you think it’s a beer!

But I’m poisoned. So, now what?

What I’m finding interesting about this gluten poisoning incident are my symptoms are not stomach related at all. I did get bloated but had absolutely no gas or intestinal distress. My joints blew up like crazy and are stiff now, which affected my dexterity while playing Bejeweled Blitz on the drive home from the game. I can also feel some nerve ending problems on my skin all over my body, like pricks. But, I noticed my ear canals are aching, very similar to when my allergies are acting up. I can feel how tender they are when I rub them and they just are getting very uncomfortable. It’s also funny because I have what I like to call a gluten skin patch. It’s in my right elbow and I get bumps on it whenever I eat something with gluten. It doesn’t happen often, but when I get a rash there, I know something was off during the day.

I’m just baffled at the lack of stomach problems. Could my stomach be healed after almost 1.5 years? Could a strong, healed stomach reduce the intestinal symptoms of gluten poisoning? What do you think?

So, for now I will drink a ton of water, take a nice hot bath filled with epsom salts and lavender oil, pop 2 Tylenol arthritis and hope for a good night sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day, the effects will wear off but I will have it hot on my mind the next time I want to try something I’m not sure of, like a new drink.

My celiac gluten patch
My celiac gluten patch