Gluten Free Pizza Delivery? Just Call Donatos!

Donatos Gluten Free Pizza
Donatos Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten Free Pizza Delivery? Just Call Donatos!

Just a few weeks ago, I sat in my office with Laura and told her one of the things I miss the most about living gluten-free is the ease of just being able to order a pizza. For once, like the old days, I want to call a pizza place and have them deliver a safe, gluten-free pizza. It seems just a few days after this conversation, Donatos Pizza emailed us to work with them on launching their new gluten-free pizza with Udi’s gluten-free pizza crust.

I went to a meeting at their facility here in Columbus and actually was able to meet the chef that helped create this line for them. Her son and husband have a gluten sensitivity and their family is gluten-free. She presented the idea to Donatos and they decided to run with it. Now, here is the best part…

The take and bake frozen pizza’s are on Udi’s gluten-free crust and created in a dedicated gluten-free facility. However, Donatos offers two different ways to get their gluten-free pizzas.

If you go to the store or order one for delivery, you can get one made and cooked for you in the store. However, this option is typically only good for people with a sensitivity because there is a high risk of cross contamination. I mean it is a pizza place! They can’t be sure 100% of all surface areas are perfectly clean and sanitized so they want to make sure people are aware of that before ordering.

But, what if I told you there is a second option. A better option. An option every celiac has been waiting for….

Picture this…. Your family is over for a party and everyone wants pizza. You decide to call Donatos and place an order. While you are on the phone with them, you walk over to your oven and preheat it to 425 degrees. Then you order a FROZEN gluten-free pizza – free from cross contamination and cooked in a dedicated facility and when it arrives, you pop it in the oven for 11-14 minutes and are able to enjoy a pizza night with your family? You can order a cheese or pepperoni frozen pizza! Now, because of cross contamination issues, they cannot bring you extra toppings to put on your frozen pizza, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own at your house!

Well, the wait is over folks and this is now a reality! You can now have this pizza delivered to your house and safely enjoy it with your family!!!

Donatos Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza
Donatos Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza

If you are in the frozen food section of your grocery story, look for the Sonoma Flatbreads by Donatos. They have a gluten-free line also and are just as good as the Donatos gluten free take and bakes. We found them at Raisin Rack and Kroger grocery stores but they are quickly expanding, so be sure to check your frozen food section next time you are at the grocery store. You can also contact them online and see where you can find one near you!

Sonoma Flatbread
Sonoma Flatbread

Donatos gave me one of each pizza to try & I must tell you they blow the competition out of the water as far as gluten-free pizza. Especially the Donatos gluten-free take and bake. If you want something that tastes like regular pizza, then this is the one for you. Make sure you check with your local Donatos before ordering to ensure they have them in stock!

If you live around central Ohio and want to try them, Donatos is sponsoring my BlogDay Party on August 29th! Click here for more information or to RSVP!

Come to my BlogDay Party!!
Come to my BlogDay Party!!


Gluten Free Sausage and Wild Rice Recipe

Gluten Free Sausage and Wild Rice Recipe
Gluten Free Sausage and Wild Rice Recipe

Gluten Free Sausage and Wild Rice Recipe

Last night I made a random gluten-free version of a jambalaya with a few things we had in our kitchen and it turned out very clean and tasty! Who knew whole foods could taste this good and be this easy?


1 cup Wild Rice
3 Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Chicken Sausage (yup they are gluten-free!)
1 cup Mushrooms
3 cloves Garlic
6  total of small red, yellow & orange Sweet Peppers
4 tablespoons grass-fed Butter
2 tablespoons of Olive Oil
2 cups Spinach
1 can Cannellini Beans


How to make:

  1. Make 1 cup (dry) wild rice. I mixed it with water but you can also mix with gluten-free broth to add some additional taste.  It takes about 45 minutes to cook so make sure you get in on the stove in advance.
  2. About 30 minutes after you put on the rice – Grab a sauté pan and put 4 tablespoons of butter, 3 cloves of fresh garlic, 2 cups of fresh spinach, 6 small sweet peppers chopped into bit size pieces, 1 can of navy beans, 1 cup of mushrooms and 3 sausages cut up into bite size pieces. Mix them all together really well and throw the lid on it for about 10 minutes.
  3. When the rice is done, make sure all the liquid is drained and mix the rice in the sauté pan. Be sure to mix all the ingredients in very well. I threw in a little bit of garlic salt to add some extra flavor.
  4. Perfect for lunch leftovers! Enjoy
Trader Joe’s Spicy Chicken Sausage
Trader Joe’s Spicy Chicken Sausage

Houston Gluten Free Cupcake Wars

Crave Cupcakes Houston

While visiting Houston, I stumbled upon a cupcake place while shopping and we decided to stop in and see if by chance they might have a gluten-free cupcake. The cupcake shop, Sprinkles, was located in a small strip mall in the River Oaks area of Houston, Texas. The shop is very small but adorable. Several different cupcake options were available and I started to think a gluten-free one wasn’t in the cards when my husband spotted the sign, Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes! At $3.50 a pop, they weren’t cheap so I hoped they tasted great.

With the first bite, I always know if I am going to love it or not and this one was remarkable. The moisture and texture of the icing and the cake combined for the perfect decadent treat. I enjoy trying gluten-free cupcakes because I think they are easier to make and last longer. I haven’t found a whole cake that is equally amazing as a cupcake. You know you hit the jackpot when you can’t stop thinking about the treat and want to have another.

Then while we were driving around, we found another cupcake shop with gluten-free right on their front window, so naturally we had to check it out! I thought this would be a fun opportunity to pit cupcake against cupcake to create a gluten-free cupcake battle and see which one was better.

Crave Cupcakes was the second shop we went in around 11am on a Sunday in Houston. The location we tried is on Kirby Street. They offered a chocolate cupcake with chocolate or vanilla frosting. We bought one of each. The price of the cupcakes were the same at $3.50. But with both  locations, the gluten-free cupcake price was the same as the regular cupcakes! No surcharge! Bonus!

At first glance, the Crave Cupcakes looked just as creamy as the Sprinkles cupcakes but after the first bite, I realized we weren’t on equal playing fields. The Crave gluten-free cupcake didn’t offer the same moisture and texture as the Sprinkles cupcake and even around the edges were dry and on the hard side. I did like their vanilla frosting better than the Sprinkles but maybe only because I didn’t like the cake at all. I ate a few bites giving it a second and third try but I eventually gave it to Aaron to finish.

If you are in Houston or visiting Houston and looking for a gluten-free sweet treat – head over the Sprinkles because they were the clear winner in my gluten-free cupcake war!



Workout of the Week – July 8th 2013

Workout of the Week

This weekend, I hit a number on the scale I thought I would never see again. I feel amazing but I don’t look the part, which is always a struggle for me in the fitness industry. I absolutely love my clients because they encourage and support me as much as I do them and they never judge me for what I look like because I have the knowledge and education to help them. They realize my health problems have taken a toll on my body and I continue to struggle with random things as they come up which is just part of living with a chronic disease.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with different workouts and am realizing, shorter and more intense workouts are getting the job done without leaving me sore for a week and preventing me from getting a workout in the rest of the week. This is the most incredible feeling. It’s like when you are working on a puzzle but you can seem to find a key piece that’s holding up the rest of your board.

I’ve been playing around with foods as well and am realizing after an internal struggle of not wanting to give up corn and grains, I think they need to go bye-bye. I just feel better when they aren’t in my life. I’m less bloated and I feel like I have more energy. I need to stop fighting my body and go with the flow.

I’m very petite and adding 30 pounds to my frame is a lot of weight. It’s time to focus, create a goal board and stick to the program. Now I know what my limitations are and what works for me, I can finally create a program for myself that will trigger weight loss and help build lean muscle with a good diet and supplements.

My before pictures are taken and tucked away in a secret file. I think to hold me accountable I will post the progress pictures every other week. That will keep me in line with following the guidelines of my program along with allowing me to see results. What I’ve learned in the last 5 years, is you can’t use the scale exclusively to see results and I’m going to show you exactly what I mean in the next 3 months.

The past few weeks, I’ve limited my intake of sugar and am feeling pretty good! The cravings are going away which is something that happens if you can fight through the cravings in the first 10 days. Food will taste much better when you eliminate fake sugars and corn syrup from your life. It takes a bit of time for your taste buds to adjust but when they do, you will be pleasantly surprised!

I’m excited to take this journey with you. I hope I can inspire you to do the same!

I will post workouts throughout the upcoming weeks and an example of what I’m eating during the day to help you with ideas on getting fit yourself. I’m working on videos as well which I will post each week on the YouTube page, so make sure you subscribe!


Guest Blog by Gluten Away – I Am… Cards!

Gluten Away – I Am…Cards

It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of Taylor Miller’s since the first time I virtually met him. This 16-year old is so inspiring and I love what he’s done with his brand and promoting awareness for living the gluten-free lifestyle. He is just amazing.

When I saw his I Am… Cards – I thought – “What an ingenious idea!”

But, I’ll let him explain more…

Even though I’m 16 years old and you may be much older than me, I always found that there was one thing that everyone with a food allergy had in common … dining out. Every time I’d dine out I would either be paranoid that my food is somehow going to contain gluten or the staff may not understand the seriousness of my allergies. Every time, I would go out to eat I would have to explain my issues and ask many questions to assure that my meal is free of gluten and dairy since that is what I’m allergic to. But even after explaining all this there would still be times where I would end up getting sick anyways. I’m sure you’ve all dealt with this before and that’s why I created these cards to hopefully make your dining experience easier and safer again.

These cards are to be given to the waiter and kitchen staff as a visual representation of what allergies your meal should be free of. These cards clearly state what your allergies are and have spaces for your name and table number along with multiple allergies if you are more than gluten-free. I’m hopeful that this can shorten the time it takes to explain your allergies to the waiter, since I know how much it can feel like a hassle. For now I am selling these to individuals but I one day hope to have these in restaurants everywhere so there can be a system already in place to keep people with food allergies safe once and for all.

If you are interested in picking up some cards, you can do so over at Taylor’s Shop.

Your Top 6 Questions about Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Answered!

Your Top 6 Questions about Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Answered!

Tune in to hear what I have to say!

You can subscribe to my podcast from your iTunes player to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

6 questions I answer –

1. Do I really need to replace all my items?

2. Do I really need gluten-free beauty products?

3. What do I do when I find myself craving gluten filled foods?

4. How do I deal/cope with the frustrations of celiac disease?

5. Are those digestive enzymes like GlutenCutter safe for me?

6. How do I take control of my weight after going gluten-free?