Workout of the Week – July 8th 2013

Workout of the Week

This weekend, I hit a number on the scale I thought I would never see again. I feel amazing but I don’t look the part, which is always a struggle for me in the fitness industry. I absolutely love my clients because they encourage and support me as much as I do them and they never judge me for what I look like because I have the knowledge and education to help them. They realize my health problems have taken a toll on my body and I continue to struggle with random things as they come up which is just part of living with a chronic disease.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with different workouts and am realizing, shorter and more intense workouts are getting the job done without leaving me sore for a week and preventing me from getting a workout in the rest of the week. This is the most incredible feeling. It’s like when you are working on a puzzle but you can seem to find a key piece that’s holding up the rest of your board.

I’ve been playing around with foods as well and am realizing after an internal struggle of not wanting to give up corn and grains, I think they need to go bye-bye. I just feel better when they aren’t in my life. I’m less bloated and I feel like I have more energy. I need to stop fighting my body and go with the flow.

I’m very petite and adding 30 pounds to my frame is a lot of weight. It’s time to focus, create a goal board and stick to the program. Now I know what my limitations are and what works for me, I can finally create a program for myself that will trigger weight loss and help build lean muscle with a good diet and supplements.

My before pictures are taken and tucked away in a secret file. I think to hold me accountable I will post the progress pictures every other week. That will keep me in line with following the guidelines of my program along with allowing me to see results. What I’ve learned in the last 5 years, is you can’t use the scale exclusively to see results and I’m going to show you exactly what I mean in the next 3 months.

The past few weeks, I’ve limited my intake of sugar and am feeling pretty good! The cravings are going away which is something that happens if you can fight through the cravings in the first 10 days. Food will taste much better when you eliminate fake sugars and corn syrup from your life. It takes a bit of time for your taste buds to adjust but when they do, you will be pleasantly surprised!

I’m excited to take this journey with you. I hope I can inspire you to do the same!

I will post workouts throughout the upcoming weeks and an example of what I’m eating during the day to help you with ideas on getting fit yourself. I’m working on videos as well which I will post each week on the YouTube page, so make sure you subscribe!


Super Charge Your Next Pool Workout

Super Charge Your Next Pool Workout
Super Charge Your Next Pool Workout

I absolutely love swimming!

I was the kid that never wanted to go home from the pool. The only person that might be a bigger mermaid is my little sister, Emily. My mom would drop us off for hours and even when the pool closed we weren’t ready to go home. I can remember swimming to the middle of the pool because I knew she wouldn’t come in and get me when it was time to go.

There is something so free about floating and swimming the water. In your own thoughts, it feels so wonderful to get a great workout and not feel the impact on your joints.

In high school, I joined the swim team for a few years and even played around with high diving.

This week, I’ve committed to getting back into the fitness game and putting an end to my whining. So, I joined our local pool and am focused on getting 2-3 times a week in the pool for lap swimming. Of course, I can’t just swim laps so I am creating workouts that will not only get the cardio component but a strength piece as well to really maximize my time in the pool.

Get ready for some amazing workouts this summer because I am more motivated than ever!

Celiac and Fitness: Everything You Need to Know Podcast


This week I address celiac disease and fitness with my podcast – On The Air with Pretty Little Celiac.

I talk about motivation tips, how to get started and discuss the importance of moving when suffering from a chronic auto-immune disease!

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Perfect Butt Building Exercise for Bad Knees

A few years ago, I underwent surgery for my right knee. The procedure was a lateral release and a scope to clean out all the damaged cartilage in my knee. A lateral release is used to loosen the knee cap by cutting the tendons and ligaments to create a floating knee cap. This surgery removed almost all knee pain I had been having for some time. I got tired of feeling like an ice pick was being jammed into my knee and this surgery did the trick!

Because of this surgery, my knees become very tender if my legs and butt are not strong. Because I haven’t been working out as much as I was before, my knee is getting tender quicker than usual during a workout so I’ve been trying different things to help make it stronger without always doing squats and lunges.

Rich Klingel of Bexa Body Fitness is the king of creative exercises. He always thinks of the best things to do for different injuries and is able to think on his feet. He showed me this exercise yesterday (for my bad knees) that I absolutely fell in love with and I think would be a great addition to anyone trying to build a better lower half but struggles with their knees.

You want to get an infinity band (one that makes a full circle) and wrap it around something like the support bars on the squat rack. Make sure the band is thick enough to hold the weight of your back leg and provides resistance when you go back on it or else you will fall and injure yourself! Watch in the mirror as you go down to see if your legs are bending at a 90 degree angle and your core is tight. You do not want to curve your back so pull your abs into your spine and tighten them as you go down.

Once you get the hang of the movement, try to complete 3 or 4 sets of 10-12 reps. My legs are so sore today! If you want to kick up the exercise to a full body movement, add dumbbells into the mix like in the second video shown below.

Struggle with balance? You can always have someone hold your hand or get a body bar to use as a balance pole to hold on to until you get the hang of it!

Gluten-Free Post Workout Shake Recipe

My gluten-free muscle-building shake.
My gluten-free muscle-building shake.

I get asked frequently what gluten-free whey protein powder I use or what I eat after I workout. I’ve tried many different kinds and I think Tera’s Whey is my favorite. It’s been the easiest on my stomach and doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

However, I’ve decided this month I’m completely changing the way I eat. I’m experimenting with a plan for the next 30 days and if it works, I’ll share it but until then I’ll just post some snippets like what I’m using instead of protein powder.

I’m concerned about the chemicals in any of these protein shakes. What the heck are those ingredients? Have you ever looked at them? It always baffled my mind as to how there could be so many odd things that we are putting into our bodies. If you aren’t allergic to egg, this is the perfect option for you. I really don’t enjoy eggs all too much but these are tasteless and pasteurized. It’s great!

This is my new favorite post workout shake.

The Lean, Mean, Green, Muscle Building Machine Shake is super easy.
2 cups of raw organic spinach
1/2 cup of either coconut milk or 1/2 cup of lactose free milk
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of frozen organic mixed berries – mine are blueberry, strawberry and raspberry
1 Tablespoon of coconut oil
3 pumps of the International Egg Whites  (affiliate) You can see my review of them here –> Protein

Blend everything and enjoy…


I needed this tasty treat after I did a workout this morning and then took the dog to the park!