Review: Zema’s Madhouse Foods


Review of Zema’s Madhouse Foods Gluten-Free Multigrain Pancake & Waffle Mix

Hey everyone! This is Aaron, Rebecca’s husband and I wanted to write a review of Zema’s for her because I used the product while Rebecca was off visiting all of you in Chicago! I’m not great a picture-taking and all the fancy stuff Rebecca does to make Pretty Little Celiac fantastic, but I tried my best to make it a great review for you!

Every once in a while I like to make pancakes, and typically I like them for dinner.  Traditionally, pancakes are not dinner food, so I decided to make cheese burgers with pancake as the bread!    I wasn’t sure how this would go, so I asked my brother to help me with the taste test.  I did not tell my brother that the meal he was about to eat was gluten-free as every time we cook him something gluten-free his face scrunched up with look that says ‘it’s not going to taste good, right?’.

In order to pull the pancake off right, I needed hearty pancake mix, so I pulled out Zema’ gluten free multigrain pancake and waffle mix.  I love having meat with some sweetness added to it, so I tweaked the Zema recipe slightly to make the pancakes a bit sweeter, and served them hot with the burgers and cheese.

For the burgers, I used a pound of grass-fed beef, added two free range organic eggs and some gluten-free bread crumbs.  I combined those all in a bowl and used my hands to knead it into 4 consistent meat patties about a half-inch think.  I used a skillet and a about a tablespoon of grass-fed butter to cook the burgers on medium – low heat until they were medium to medium well.

Before putting the burgers in the pan, I made the pancake mix.  I started with the package from Zema’s and placed all the contents in the bowl.  I add one egg, half cup of organic coconut milk and melted 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil.  I also added just a dash of vanilla extract for a little extra sweetness. I mixed the batter in mixer for two minutes.  The batter was a little thicker than cake batter.  Zema’s grains were noticeable in the batter.

I used a flat frying pan over medium high heat, added some grass-fed butter and place a third of a cup of batter to the hot pan.   At this point I was cooking the burgers and the pancakes at the same time.  The pancakes needed to be wide enough to fit the width of the burger, but the batter spread easily on the pan, so I was able to add more easily if needed.  About 60 – 90 seconds on each side for the pancakes and they were ready.

Once the burgers were done, we took a slice of american cheese and put it on the burger, wedged it between two pancakes.   My brother quickly ate the first burger and asked immediately for a second.   Before he got the second, I told him that the burger was gluten-free.  He pushed me out-of-the-way for the second helping!

Gluten free can be delicious, if you have a little bit of creativity!  Of course, I had to have a couple myself!  I was very happy with the consistency and moistness of the pancakes and would recommend Zema’s to anyone look for a good tasting and easy to make pancake recipe.

Zema’s has other products which you can find on their website.

Zema’s Madhouse Foods are sold at many locations around the US. You can find a list of stores here.

Thanks for reading!




Super Sunday Spectacular Gluten Free Giveaway – Chebe Bread!!

Chebe Bread Giveaway!
Chebe Bread Giveaway!

I’ll admit I buy a lot of stuff that ends up sitting in my cupboards and I forget about it – Chebe pizza crust is one of those things. Until I met them at the Celiac Awareness Tour in Chicago this weekend. Probably the most delicious stuff ever.

he best part?? They gave me 5 boxes to give away on the Pretty Little Celiac blog!!!

Have you been using their products? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a special recipe to use? I want to hear about it!!

How to Enter this Chebe Bread Giveaway!!!

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I will select the winner on Wednesday October 17th!





Review: Tall Papa’s Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Tall Papa's Breadcrumbs
Tall Papa’s Breadcrumbs

Since being diagnosed, I really haven’t found a good gluten free breadcrumb that still maintains its integrity after being coated on our fish. I was thrilled when Tall Papa’s reached out to me to try and review their gluten free breadcrumbs!

Last night, my husband made fish tacos. We love Mahi Mahi to put in our tacos and it’s also a really great fish to make breaded. We used the citrus lime flavored ones and they are amazing!

Nutritional Facts:

Brown rice flour, water, tapioca flour, egg whites, evaporated cane sugar, organic canola oil, xanthan gum, yeast, sea salt, enzymes, maltodextrin, lime juice, lime oil

After coating the Mahi is egg whites, we rolled the fish in the bread crumbs and baked it for about 25 minutes on 350 degrees. When we took the fish out of the oven, I was thrilled to see how crispy and thick the breading still looked after baking!

Next up for these little delicious treats – Meatballs!!!

Tall Papa’s Citrus Lime Breadcrumbs
Tall Papa’s Citrus Lime Breadcrumbs

We still have 1/2 the bag left and another bag of the cajun spice also to try out in the next few weeks. I’ll update this post after trying them too!

You can find Tall Papa’s Online –




PLC Review Gluten & Lactose Free Ice Cream & Sorbets

Rice Dream Organic
Rice Dream Organic

I don’t know about you, but I’m really getting tired of frozen fruit bars and just want an ice cream cone. It’s getting increasingly difficult as the weather is gorgeous and especially while we went on vacation in Hilton Head. Ice cream parlors all over the island!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been really interested to try a few new products to have as my after dinner snack. I’m not an incredibly sweet toothed person but I do enjoy the occasional small desert.

Since being struggling with milk products, I found rice milk to be quite yummy and taste great compared to others. I can’t stand almond milk – it’s so thick. I don’t know how you guys drink that stuff!

Needless to say, I immediately got excited when I saw this in the Rice Dream ice cream isle at Earth Fare. We had it on one sunny afternoon and I was not impressed. The consistency is weird similar to frozen syrup and there is an odd after taste that lingers around. Even my husband didn’t like it and he loves sweets. I think I’ll stick with the rice milk.

We should’ve known better when right on the container it says, “new and improved taste.”

The three Amigos
The three Amigos

Ok, our last grocery trip resulted in these three guys… Let me tell you a little bit about them!

Lifeway Frozen Kefir
Lifeway Frozen Kefir

Gross. Tasted like vitamins. Stick with their probiotic smoothies….

Has anyone had any of Lifeway‘s other ice creams? I really like their smoothies to take my vitamins each day. I find they go down much easier.

Arctic Zero
Arctic Zero

Many of my fitness competitor friends live off of Arctic Zero. Maybe because the whole container is only 150 calories. I remember when I competed and often dreamed of eating ice cream, but this doesn’t come close. The first ingredient is water and that’s exactly what it tasted like – frozen strawberry water. This is for desperate people on a diet.

Oh, and what the heck is “lactose intolerant friendly?”

Ciao Bella Sorbet
Ciao Bella Sorbet

Ciao Bella was the best out of the bunch. I still struggled with a funky after taste. My husband asked why I kept eating it and I said “because if I keep going, I can’t taste the weird part.” It is a VERY strong Mango flavor. The limitation with this company is that I only found 2 flavors at Earth Fare. I think it is promising though and would like to see a raspberry or strawberry version. That would be tasty.

Dark Chocolate Dream
Dark Chocolate Dream

I saved the best for last.

This stuff was delicious. A few little squares of this and I am good for the night. Gluten free, lactose free and dark chocolate. The texture was nice and it wasn’t too bitter of a dark chocolate for me. The rice crunch added a nice compliment to the chocolate! Highly Recommended.

Have you tried any of these brands in other flavors and liked them? Please leave a comment below.
Do you have a favorite brand or product for ice cream/sorbet?



ciao bella vanilla was good after you get used to the odd taste, my husband didn’t like it but going lactose free I was happy with it! thanks for the blog, I am recently lactose free because of my baby being lactose intolerant and trying to cut back on gluten-filled foods so I am very much looking forward to following and sharing on here!


  • PrettyLittleCeliac

    Hi Stephanie-

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can continue to build this community!

    I guess I just can’t get used to treats that you basically have to warm up to! What’s your favorite lactose free product so far?

Gluten Free Pizza Review: Gallo Lea


Pizza is a staple of food in the US, but because of wheat in the crust of the vast majority of pizza, most Celiacs have had to avoid one of tastiest and most convenient foods available. However, there are many gluten free pizza products available. Rebecca and I have tried many different types of gluten free Pizzas with varying success. This one from “Gallo Lea” we picked up at Earthfare yesterday. It turned out great! It was prepared differently from some of the other gluten free crusts we have tried. Below are the steps we used to prepare this pizza.

The package included the crust mix, sauce and a circular piece of wax paper. The paper was for a 12 inch pizza. This was something different than what we had seen the past. This can be used as a barrier from the pizza pans that have been using in past that might lead to inadvertently contaminating the crust from gluten.


Both Rebecca and I like meat and cheese on our pizza, so the toppings on our pizza’s do not vary that much. For this pizza, we topped it with fresh, grass fed ground beef, pre-cooked and simmered in the pizza sauce, organic shredded provolone and colby jack cheese and fresh yellow pepper. Here is how it was prepared:

I cooked 1 pound of organic, grass feed ground beef in coconut oil. I did this at low heat (2-4 on our stove dial) until all the meat was brown. I recommend cooking on low heat when cooking with oils, we have found it adds taste, and takes away from the greasy feeling you get after eating. We like cooking with coconut oil or grass fed better, we’ll do a separate blog on it.


I then drained the meat slightly of the left over oil, and combined the pizza sauce and spices including approximately 2 teaspoons of oregano, cinnamon and stevia. I like the sweet sauce, so cooking in coconut oil, stevia and cinnamon should be avoided if you don’t like this sweetness. As a concept, I like to add one or two things that are different every time I cook a repeating meal like this, it keeps it fun. Plus, if you like the change, you can continue to do it, if not, don’t repeat. This time it worked out for us, although Rebecca did not like the cinnamon. This then simmered on low, in this case for about 1 hour.

Following the directions on the package, I took a half cup of water in a glass measuring bowel, and microwaved it for 25 seconds, then added the crust mix. With a spoon, I stirred for the 50 specified strokes until I had a dough ball the size of my fist. I then covered the bowl, and let it sit in a warm area on our stove for 10 minutes. It did not rise much.

While the dough was rising, I cut 1 yellow bell pepper (sweeter than other peppers) and re-heated the pizza sauce and meat. We have a pizza sheet that has small holes in the bottom. I unfolded the wax paper included in the package. I took a spoonful of coconut oil, and heated in the microwave for 15 seconds. Coconut oil is solid in room temperature, so the microwaving is necessary for easier spreading. With the wax paper spread out on the pizza pan, I spread the oil over the wax paper in a thin layer, not too much.


The dough was then formed into a ball, and by hand, I spread it out on the way paper until it cover the whole thing. This took about 5 minutes; the dough had to be very thin in order to get the entire wax paper covered. Surprisingly, the dough did not tear. I did have coconut oil on my fingertips while spreading, so the dough did not stick to my fingers. In my past experiences with dough (both gluten and gluten free), spreading the dough is a messy process, this was not the case with this dough. I also rolled the edges of the dough to give it a pizza like end crust, and spread the remaining liquid coconut oil over those edges, as well as over the entire top of the pizza center. This is in hopes of making it a little extra crispy.

What I have found with the gluten free pizza crusts, it is very hard to get them crispy, so I do everything possible to make that happen. During the middle of rolling out the pizza dough, I pre-heated the oven to 450 degrees. In our oven, the burners are at the bottom, and I want them very hot when initially put the pizza in. I put the rack at its lowest, and without any toppings, I placed the pizza on the bottom rack. The oven had been pre-heating for approximately 5 minutes.

After 9 minutes on the lower rack, I took the pizza out. The crust and not risen much, but the bottom was crispy.. yes!. The toppings were then added; I used 75 percent of the meat and sauce, 75 percent of the bag of cheese, the entire pepper, and some grated Parmesan cheese. I put the pizza back into the oven on the top rack, and cooked for approximately 10 minutes. However, I was watching the top of the pizza to make sure the cheese was melting but not burning. For the last two minutes, I broiled the top of the pizza until I had just the right amount of melted cheese and was a little brown.


The result was a thin and crispy pizza (both on the bottom and the crust) with sweat sauce and just the right amount of cheese to make it almost impossible to put down. It was just the right amount for Rebecca and I, but we were both hungry and I ate the extra piece that Rebecca could not finish.

Enjoy!!! Aaron
The Trophy Husband

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 pizza crust package
  • 1 Pound of grass fed ground beef (used 75 % of it for pizza)
  • 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil (1 for cooking the beef, one for the pizza dough preparation)
  • 1 package of organic shredded provolone and colby jack (used 75 % of it for pizza)
  • 1 Yellow bell pepper
  • Approximately 2 teaspoons of oregano, cinnamon and stevia
  • Approximately 1 tablespoons of parmesan cheese