13 Ways to Supercharge your Fitness Routine in 2013

2013 is starting off with a bang! First WellBella.com picked up one of my articles for their website and now ColumbusUnderground.com ran my latest article on 13 Ways to Supercharge your Fitness Routine in 2013.

I wanted to write something for all the people that already have a fitness routine but are looking to kick it up a notch. The new year always brings to light people trying to get started but no one pays any attention to all the people that started a long time ago and never stopped.

Check out my article HERE.

This partnership is perfect because I love what they stand for in this community.

Here is what their website says about how they started and where they want to go-

Columbus Underground is an online media outlet based in Columbus, Ohio.

We are a hyper-local, community-driven, new media enterprise that creates unique exclusive content, provides a moderated community messageboard, and provides connections to other local media, blogs and online information. We tell the stories of Columbus by showcasing the best reasons why it is great to live here and why you should build your life here.

The website was launched in November 2001 when Walker and Anne Evans recognized the local nightlife scene did not have an adequate online resource to represent all of the great events that were happening around the city. It quickly grew to be the place to find out about dj events, talk about upcoming events and for djs to connect with venues in the Columbus nightlife scene. In 2005, they registered it as a business. In July 2007, Walker was able to make it his full-time job and in April of 2010, Anne left her job to join him. Now, an Editorial Director and an Advertising Sales Executive have also joined the team.

ColumbusUnderground.com has always been configured as a community-driven resource. As a result, as our community of users has continued to grow, so have the topics of discussion and focus areas. ColumbusUnderground.com has expanded during the past decade to cover local development, restaurants, politics, civic issues, transit, lifestyles and a wide range of general interest topics. Today, ColumbusUnderground.com provides locals and visitors with an online resource where they can find and share information related to entertainment, dining, music and more.