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Rebecca Black is a published author in the fitness industry and dedicated speaker/advocate for celiac disease.

After living 17 years suffering from many health problems all stemming from celiac disease but never getting an accurate diagnosis, Rebecca has made it her mission to spread awareness, education, hope and humor to anyone that will listen!

Rebecca started Pretty Little Celiac September 1st and it’s been a huge success!

In just the past 2 months Pretty Little Celiac has:

2,000 Facebook followers

400 Twitter followers

and over 10,000 hits on the blog

Speaking Experience

  • Kroger’s Natural Food Summit to help them build better shopping experiences for those consumers looking for gluten free options. Rebecca educated the staff about celiac disease, the importance of gluten as a food allergy and how to make their stores gluten free friendly.
  • Heritage College invited Rebecca to come and speak about the fitness industry. She spoke about life in the personal training industry, celiac disease, the importance of nutrition and the business component. A 1 hour speaking engagement turned into 2.5 hours due to questions and engagement from the staff and students.
  • Celiac Awareness Tour invited Rebecca to be a regular speaker on their tour. She has been featured in Chicago and Cleveland for 2012 along with scheduled for several cities in 2013!
  • CHOICES asked Rebecca to come teach their staff about maintaining healthy lifestyles while working busy, chaotic jobs. Rebecca spoke about nutrition and how to balance personal and professional lives to stay healthy.
  • Earthfare Columbus invited Rebecca to come December 1st to speak at their gluten-free food fair about celiac disease, gluten free foods and how to balance gluten free living through the holidays!

Heritage College:

“Rebecca  was a phenomenal guest speaker for my personal training students at Heritage College. She was extremely helpful in providing insight into being a small business owner in the fitness industry. Rebecca also shared her own fitness history as well as her battle with Celiac’s disease. Her personal experiences were very  educational and helpful for my students. I would definitely invite her back to Heritage College as a guest speaker in the future.” – Ian Lafferty

Kroger Grocery:

“THANK YOU!  For taking the time to engage our associates!  Your personal stores will help them relate to our customer’s that are looking for convenience in the challenge of shopping “gluten free”.  We appreciate your time and hope to work with you again in the future.” – Mike Hodge

“Agreed!  Thank you for a fantastic, honest and energized presentation!!!” -Gregg Proctor