Chia Pudding Recipe with only 2 Ingredients!

Chia Pudding Recipe
Chia Pudding Recipe

Did you buy a box of chia seed thinking you would use it, only to get it home and have it sit in your cupboard for a while? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me.

I’ve seen people posting recipes for various ways to make it but I didn’t like some of the ingredients like maple syrup that were being used, so I set out to find an easier way to make it!

This recipe is 2 ingredients, set up quickly and tasted great. You have to like seeds to enjoy this. I love sesame seeds so this is a natural transition into something different but still tasty. My husband added cinnamon to his and he ended up really liking it!

All we did was mix chia seeds with vanilla coconut milk to get the pudding!

So why eat chia seeds? Great question!

  • Turns out they have a great source of Omega 3′s which is important for heart and cholesterol health.
  • It contains protein to keep you feeling fuller and giving you energy to get through your day!
  • They are easy to add to almost anything.
  • The glycemic index of chia seeds is very low so you can eat them without spiking your blood sugar.
  • And they are full of fiber, which helps you feel fuller, faster and can assist in a weight loss program by providing hunger control!!! Who doesn’t love that benefit?

Tell me… How do you chia?


I also go to practice my photography skills with this project and I think it turned out great. I played around with it and used a few separate containers to try to get a great shot. Which one do you prefer, the top or bottom picture? 


Chia Pudding
Chia Pudding