Guest Blog by Gluten Away – I Am… Cards!

Gluten Away – I Am…Cards

It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of Taylor Miller’s since the first time I virtually met him. This 16-year old is so inspiring and I love what he’s done with his brand and promoting awareness for living the gluten-free lifestyle. He is just amazing.

When I saw his I Am… Cards – I thought – “What an ingenious idea!”

But, I’ll let him explain more…

Even though I’m 16 years old and you may be much older than me, I always found that there was one thing that everyone with a food allergy had in common … dining out. Every time I’d dine out I would either be paranoid that my food is somehow going to contain gluten or the staff may not understand the seriousness of my allergies. Every time, I would go out to eat I would have to explain my issues and ask many questions to assure that my meal is free of gluten and dairy since that is what I’m allergic to. But even after explaining all this there would still be times where I would end up getting sick anyways. I’m sure you’ve all dealt with this before and that’s why I created these cards to hopefully make your dining experience easier and safer again.

These cards are to be given to the waiter and kitchen staff as a visual representation of what allergies your meal should be free of. These cards clearly state what your allergies are and have spaces for your name and table number along with multiple allergies if you are more than gluten-free. I’m hopeful that this can shorten the time it takes to explain your allergies to the waiter, since I know how much it can feel like a hassle. For now I am selling these to individuals but I one day hope to have these in restaurants everywhere so there can be a system already in place to keep people with food allergies safe once and for all.

If you are interested in picking up some cards, you can do so over at Taylor’s Shop.