Houston Gluten Free Cupcake Wars

Crave Cupcakes Houston

While visiting Houston, I stumbled upon a cupcake place while shopping and we decided to stop in and see if by chance they might have a gluten-free cupcake. The cupcake shop, Sprinkles, was located in a small strip mall in the River Oaks area of Houston, Texas. The shop is very small but adorable. Several different cupcake options were available and I started to think a gluten-free one wasn’t in the cards when my husband spotted the sign, Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes! At $3.50 a pop, they weren’t cheap so I hoped they tasted great.

With the first bite, I always know if I am going to love it or not and this one was remarkable. The moisture and texture of the icing and the cake combined for the perfect decadent treat. I enjoy trying gluten-free cupcakes because I think they are easier to make and last longer. I haven’t found a whole cake that is equally amazing as a cupcake. You know you hit the jackpot when you can’t stop thinking about the treat and want to have another.

Then while we were driving around, we found another cupcake shop with gluten-free right on their front window, so naturally we had to check it out! I thought this would be a fun opportunity to pit cupcake against cupcake to create a gluten-free cupcake battle and see which one was better.

Crave Cupcakes was the second shop we went in around 11am on a Sunday in Houston. The location we tried is on Kirby Street. They offered a chocolate cupcake with chocolate or vanilla frosting. We bought one of each. The price of the cupcakes were the same at $3.50. But with both  locations, the gluten-free cupcake price was the same as the regular cupcakes! No surcharge! Bonus!

At first glance, the Crave Cupcakes looked just as creamy as the Sprinkles cupcakes but after the first bite, I realized we weren’t on equal playing fields. The Crave gluten-free cupcake didn’t offer the same moisture and texture as the Sprinkles cupcake and even around the edges were dry and on the hard side. I did like their vanilla frosting better than the Sprinkles but maybe only because I didn’t like the cake at all. I ate a few bites giving it a second and third try but I eventually gave it to Aaron to finish.

If you are in Houston or visiting Houston and looking for a gluten-free sweet treat – head over the Sprinkles because they were the clear winner in my gluten-free cupcake war!