Molly Woo’s Review – Updated!

Sunday I wanted to have lunch with a good friend and thought it would be a great idea to try somewhere new. Knowing that I always loved Cameron Mitchell restaurants because they are so good about knowing gluten free foods, I suggested Molly Woo’s.

Many of you may not know that soy sauce is not gluten free. There is a wheat ingredient that they don’t list on the bottle and you have to specifically ask for gluten free soy sauce.

This is the brand we keep at our house.

Gluten Free Soy Sauce

The waiter was educated on the gluten free menu and took our order. Their menu was extensive which makes me wonder how they can control the ingredients from the rest of the menu items.

Janine had the beef with broccoli – gluten free – She said it was very good and took half of it home for dinner.

I normally would get chicken at a restaurant like this but since we have been staying away from poultry, I went with the Sesame Beef. The sauce was extremely thick. Too thick. There was an over powering garlic taste to the sauce and not enough variation in the flavors. I didn’t realize the beef was fried or something because it had a very thick coating of something. Overall, I wasn’t impressed with my lunch. I should have gone with my gut instinct and gotten the gluten free sushi.

After the meal, I wasn’t even 5 minutes from Molly Woo’s when my stomach started grumbling. Grumbling turned to screaming as I was driving home – speeding to get to the bathroom. I think this is a gluten free fail.

I’ve tried PF Chang’s gluten free menu 3 times and on all 3 occasions with 3 different meals, I had the same stomach ache.

It’s now 7:15pm and I ate lunch around noon today. My stomach still hurts and I have no desire to eat dinner.

I’d say if you have a very gluten sensitive stomach, stay away from these types of sauces at Asian places and stick to a meal with less stuff. I will say that my husband didn’t like my left overs either.

I think I’ll stick with Cameron Mitchell’s other places. I’ve never had a problem at any of the others!

**UPDATE** Cameron Mitchell’s headquarters called me today and apologized for what happened. She said that they have a separate cooking area for all the gluten items and wasn’t sure how I got sick. She was going to speak to the chef and the manager of Molly Woo’s. She is going to send me a gift card to come back to Cameron Mitchell.