Gluten-Free Options at the Verizon Center (maybe)?

Looking for gluten-free options at the Verizon Center? Well, you may or may not find them! They exist but I’m not sure when they are open…

Since moving to the DC area, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the gluten-free options at the major sporting event facilities. Several people even told me the Washington Nationals have a gluten-free pretzel which I am jumping out of my pants to try in the spring.

My husband is a huge college basketball fan and I bought him tickets to see the Georgetown Hoyas play as a Christmas present. Needless to say, I was ready and excited to post about the goodies (or not so good) options I found during the game.

I read the website and found the exact location in the Verizon Center where the gluten-free options were sold. We walked around section 108 and I couldn’t find anything that carried gluten-free items. My Oh Spot is the name of the company/store and it was no where to be found. And then my husband said, “There it is, it’s closed.”


Gluten-Free at the Verizon Center

The gluten-free section is a little kiosk in the back corner of the Verizon center next to a giant column that isn’t seen very well. We walked around for a few minutes looking before Aaron noticed it in the back corner. Although, I will say I’m glad they even have this little booth, regardless of the location. I’m used to the Ohio places that do not offer anything. Although, I did get a tweet that Q Arena in Cleveland is now offering gluten-free items!

Apparently they do not open this kiosk during Georgetown games. I’m so confused. Do they think Georgetown fans do not need gluten-free items? I get it. There isn’t a huge demand, but AT LEAST offer a limited selection or something to those of us who come there with the thought there will be food for us and then it turns out there isn’t. My face dropped with sheer disappointment.

Gluten Free options at Verizon Center
Gluten Free options at Verizon Center

I probably would have spent $50 on gluten-free foods at the Oh Spot to try them out. A hot dog, hot chocolate with marshmallows, “irresistible” smoothie? I was so upset. Obviously, I tweeted my dismay at the Verizon Center but I’m thinking we all need to do the same for our professional sports teams. I’m sick and tired of eating a bag of chips at the game and watching everyone else enjoy stadium food. Yes, I know it’s disgusting but I still want to have one every once in a while! Is that too much to ask for? I encourage you to reach out to your sports teams to see what options they have and then encourage them to work with companies to offer us safe food. Everyone should get a ballpark hotdog if they want one.

So, major fail #myohspot and Verizon Center.

At least the Hoyas won their game! Go Hoyas!


Gluten Free at the Verizon Center
Gluten Free at the Verizon Center