Gluten-Free Make-Up Review – Zuzu Luxe from Gabriel Cosmetics Inc

What you may not know about me is that I love make-up. I know this blog has mostly been centered around gluten-free living and I’m excited to start a new video series about gluten-free beauty. When researching different things, I found there are limited resources regarding gluten-free make-up tips and beauty videos. Well, I’m going to change that starting today.

A few months ago, I went through all my make-up and thought I did a great job with finding out what has gluten in it and what didn’t but an incident the other night had me question how well I did in my investigations. While applying my make-up, I got some of my mineralized foundation from MAC cosmetics in my eye and it felt like my eye was going to shrivel up in the socket. It burned for almost an hour and make me look like a creepy villain from a horror film.

Turns out I read the product review online and interpreted it the wrong way!!! The products I’ve been using do contain gluten and my eyeball clearly let me know. It goes to show that you don’t have to eat your make-up for it to negatively affect your body. There are many people who have allergic reactions on their skin from gluten and should avoid all products containing gluten both on their skin and in their body.

So, while we were at Earth Fare shopping for groceries, I decided to check out the make-up offerings and try a couple of new things. They had a couple of small displays of make-up in the health and wellness section which was frustrating for me because I’m used to the candy land of the MAC counter or Sephora but what did I expect from being in a grocery store?

After trying a couple of things, I ended up buying a product called ZUZU Luxe which is actually a brand from Gabriel Cosmetic Inc. I purchased their oil free foundation and concealer. Typically I only use foundation when I am going to an event or out for the night. I’m fortunate that my skin is cooperative (most of the time) so I can get away with using concealer and powder on a daily basis. Needless to say the foundation lasts me quite a long time.

I hope by changing products, these random pimples will stop forming!

The concealer was $16.49 and the oil free liquid foundation was $29.99. I’m used to spending about this much on cosmetics so the price tag didn’t scare me. If you use cheaper products, than this might seem like a splurge.

Now let’s get into the review…

What I loved:

Concealer: The concealer is thick and really covered blemishes and circles around my eyes pretty well. The formula worked well with my dry skin. I always put on a nice lotion before putting on any make-up. Dry skin is the worst for having a flawless complexion. The color also matched my skin tone pretty well. It also blended well into my skin and with the foundation.

Oil Free Foundation: I mean who doesn’t love a good oil free foundation? It went on smooth and even. The consistency of the formula worked great on my face and it felt light and fresh, not heavy like some other make up brands. It made a great canvass for the rest of my make-up for the day. Huge bonus, it stayed on for several hours – intact!

What I didn’t love:

Concealer: I hate the tubes with the little pointed tip applicator on the end. You just know that there is going to be a bunch of product at the end of the tube and for $17, I want to use every single drop in the container. I also found the choices of skin tone colors limiting. There was no guidance at the little make up stand on how to choose a color or what the colors meant. For instance at MAC, NW usually means warmer tones and NC are the cooler tones.

Oil Free Foundation: Again, the choices for skin tone colors are limited and no explanation at the stand on how to pick a shade or what the color letters mean.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised that I loved this make-up so much. I’ve been such a snob my whole life with make-up that I’m scared but excited to start branching out a little. Check out my video on how I applied it and see the difference between my faces.

This is my first Vlog so bear with me! I’m pretty excited about my new beauty room so I will be making this a weekly series of gluten-free beauty! I’m planning to do lots of videos on gluten-free make-up, application and tips for having a Pretty Little Celiac face!

This video was actually the second take because the first one I did, the camera was on the actual camera and not video – so I took a picture instead of a video. The demo was like 8 minutes long before I realized the camera wasn’t on! Whoops. Little bit of a learning curve here.