Perfect Butt Building Exercise for Bad Knees

A few years ago, I underwent surgery for my right knee. The procedure was a lateral release and a scope to clean out all the damaged cartilage in my knee. A lateral release is used to loosen the knee cap by cutting the tendons and ligaments to create a floating knee cap. This surgery removed almost all knee pain I had been having for some time. I got tired of feeling like an ice pick was being jammed into my knee and this surgery did the trick!

Because of this surgery, my knees become very tender if my legs and butt are not strong. Because I haven’t been working out as much as I was before, my knee is getting tender quicker than usual during a workout so I’ve been trying different things to help make it stronger without always doing squats and lunges.

Rich Klingel of Bexa Body Fitness is the king of creative exercises. He always thinks of the best things to do for different injuries and is able to think on his feet. He showed me this exercise yesterday (for my bad knees) that I absolutely fell in love with and I think would be a great addition to anyone trying to build a better lower half but struggles with their knees.

You want to get an infinity band (one that makes a full circle) and wrap it around something like the support bars on the squat rack. Make sure the band is thick enough to hold the weight of your back leg and provides resistance when you go back on it or else you will fall and injure yourself! Watch in the mirror as you go down to see if your legs are bending at a 90 degree angle and your core is tight. You do not want to curve your back so pull your abs into your spine and tighten them as you go down.

Once you get the hang of the movement, try to complete 3 or 4 sets of 10-12 reps. My legs are so sore today! If you want to kick up the exercise to a full body movement, add dumbbells into the mix like in the second video shown below.

Struggle with balance? You can always have someone hold your hand or get a body bar to use as a balance pole to hold on to until you get the hang of it!